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SBot | Simple trainer for Maplestory V109

SBot | Simple trainer for Maplestory

  1. Aardbei
    Hi guys.

    After 5 patches I have updated my trainer. It now includes some auto bot functions and other hacks / other GUI. Its purpose is mostly for semi legit people, thats why where is no kami/fma (yet).

    It's coded in Visual Studio, means you'll need to have C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 installed in order to use it. It's my first project, I know it's not very good but I'm improving. Criticism is always welcome!

    Ill add more features in the next update, make suggestions please.


    How to use it:
    Inject to Maplestory at any time. There is no bypass included, but you can find a bypass in the Hacks & Download section.

    Credits goes to the creators of the scripts, and to the people who helped me (there are alot ;-))

    Give me some love if you like it ::3:
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  3. Added kami

Recent Reviews

  1. Osku
    Version: V96
    Waiting for autoattack etc... Really good bot and nice layout :)