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SBot | Simple trainer for Maplestory V109

SBot | Simple trainer for Maplestory

  1. right file

    Lol sorry for failing, this must be the right file (checked)
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  2. -

    Probably uploaded the wrong file previous time, so here's the right one. Also added float for kami, seems to be kami is more stable when using it so that's recommended. This version also includes GND which uses the same method as it used to be. But keep in mind: you will d/c when using a too low delay.

    How to bot:
    - Tick the auto buffs you want to use
    - Tick auto attack with the correct key, and correct delay. Note: too low delay combined with GND will d/c. You have to find a delay which...
  3. Added kami

    - Added kami. Please check whether it's working OK and report if it doesn't. Thanks

    few things:
    * I'm aware the auto skills combined with kami doesn't really work. Will fix that in another update.
    * Sometimes the kami doesn't work properly. If so, try another map.
  4. Few changes

    - disabled some checkboxes which were enabled from start
    - added char speed up

    also, the little checkbox on the top right makes the trainer on top. So when the focus gets on another window, it will still be on top.
  5. Updated to V109

    Niblet update

    - updated some 1337 hacks
    - changed interface
    - implemented AIRRIDE's asm lib

    not of much use , anyway hf ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  6. Updated to V104, changed a few things.

    Don't know if people see use in this bot, but here it is with some updated hacks for EMS V104.


    More things will come in the next update.
  7. SBot v2.0 | Autobot functions added and updated.

    Hi guys.

    After 5 patches I have updated my trainer. It now includes some auto bot functions and other hacks / other GUI. Its purpose is mostly for semi legit people, thats why where is no kami/fma (yet).

    It's coded in Visual Studio, means you'll need to have C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 installed in order to use it. It's my first project, I know it's not very good but I'm improving. Criticism is always welcome!

    Ill add more features in the next update, make...