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Simple Trainer v99.2.1

A really basic trainer with simple hacks

  1. Mach
    I made a really simple trainer based on scripts for the basic hacks.
    Just run itand it automatically detects the maplestory process.
    You should be able to start the trainer and then maplestory and it should work fine.

    Game Related has Pin typer, Pic typer, Option box remove, No Damage shown and No BG and Cloud.

    Character Related has Full Godmode, GnD, Fusion Attack and Perfect loot.

    Then there is Kami with loot which DC's quick so there is also a only mesos filter in here. Then there is also a Kami without loot, No Knockback and Mouse Fly.

    Virus Scan:

Recent Updates

  1. Unlimited Mp added
  2. Updated to V99.2
  3. Changed Kami

Recent Reviews

  1. minhtrinh
    Version: V98.2
    Great hack but crash a lot