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SimpleItemFilter 92.1

An Item Filter that alters which drops are visible to the player.

  1. Redwinter

    Virus Scan

    This requires a bypass to use.

    I finally Improved it and virtually finished with the project now.

    Items.dat must be in the same directory as SimpleItemFilter.dll

    Items.dat is the v90.1 version so there may be items missing from it.

    There are three ways to add items now.

    1. Hover over Item in inventory click on the "?" button (to search for the item name) click on add to add it to the list.
    2. Type in words to search click on the "?" button select the item you want from the drop down selection click on add to add it to the list.
    3. Add all of type, to filter all of a certain type select the appropriate check boxes (items are added behind the scenes on enabling the filter)
    When you have created your list.
    1. Tick or untick Reject Item List (to Reject/Accept items in your list)
    2. Alter meso amount to filter out meso's under the amount you set it at (Max is 20000, wasn't sure on what to put as a max if you want it higher say so)
    3. Click enable, get rid of the items in your inventory you want filtering and tada they are filtered!
    • Fixed the Delete method can now delete multiple items!
    • Added load/save dialogs so can have multiple lists.
    Something for people to use till other trainers add it.

    Credits -
    Tezjin/Benny - The very old basics of this is from his Itemfilter in Tezjin Trainer.
    Ghoul - for pointing out the one line of code i needed to add to the codecave for something.
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Recent Updates

  1. v90.1 version (Self Updating)

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