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[Star Planet Exploit] Enter Channel 3 (Exploit Map) while it's 'blocked'!!! v113.3

allows you to still exploit USE-items

  1. Melv
    Game Version:
    eMS v113.3
    Hello faggots,

    First of all this is what the tool looks like:

    This tool will allow you to still enter the map in Star Planet that allows you to infinitely re-use USE-items. This is due to the following flawed logic of NEXON: "let's take down Star Planet channel 1 & 2 because the exploit is being done in channel 3"........ yeah that sure as hell sounds logical :facepalm:

    Yeah exactly, they actually took down channel 1 & 2 but left channel 3 available, just what we need :)

    By clicking the button on the tool you'll teleport to the Star Planet Exploit Map from pretty much everywhere in MapleStory.

    This means that >THISSSSS< exploit still works!

    Once again NEXONs retardness has been confirmed, all hail nexon! :pyong-yay:

    PS: if the tool doesn't pop up for you after injection, please install Visual C++ redistributable package 2013 x86 and x64.