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Tangyoon experience exploit refresh

Well, we all know the tangyoon exploit, what if it gets better?

  1. Goldwing Applegleam
    Game Version:
    The Tangyoon experience exploit for characters level 60-90 is a really nice exploit to gain some quick experience in those otherwise quite empty levels.

    What if, and just bear with me here, it gets better?

    At the reward map, if you jump down and talk to Tangyoon, accept the reward right before the map refreshes (or use teleport to bottom of map, which I have been doing for a while) you will respawn in the reward map and have gotten the reward.

    With good timing or a good bot you can stay in for a long time and get some proper experience.

    P.S. Use this till lvl90 and then go in again (for maximum effective use of time)
    P.P.S. The experience gets slow after 120.