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The Cheat Engine use guide

Cheat Engine is more than a program you can put your scripts in, I'll explain what you can do with.

  1. Goldwing Applegleam
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    Alright, we all love and use cheat engine for it's ability to allow us to hack maplestory and other games. But not only is Cheat Engine a tool that allows for easy implementation and finding of hacks with (auto) assembly it is also a very versatile tool that can be used for much more.

    I will update this guide as more questions arise, this will be a demand-based tutorial. I will not explain how to find/create/update/improve hacks in this tutorial.

    Well, let's go through the Cheat Engine windows first.

    The start screen:
    It might be a little overwhelming at first. All those numbers, terms and whatnot.

    The first thing you want to know is that when the screen looks like this, the cheat engine is NOT attached to any game or program (all input fields etc are gray)

    I have attached my Cheat Engine to maplestory:
    You can see the input fields are write-able and some checkboxes are automatically checked.

    Alright, do you see the "Memory View" button on the middle-left? it shows what is going on in the program.
    This is how it looks when you click on it: (or when you use the shortcut: Ctrl+m)


    There are many options in this window, I will cover the ones that are most important for general usage of non-pros (because pros already know the functions.)

    Alright, if you press "Tools" you'll see a long list of possible options:

    Inject DLL allows you to inject any DLL you have on your PC into the desired process.(Or use the shortcut: Ctrl+i) This really voids the use of injectors. You could still use an external program, but if you already use Cheat Engine, why wouldn't you make full use of it?

    Auto Assemble allows you to create or copy&paste scripts into that you can save to your Cheat Engine's Cheat Table. This is explained all over the forum and should be quite straightforward.
    A script can also be used to inject DLLs. If your DLLs are in the same folder as your cheat table/cheat engine you can use the script:
    Code (Text):
    1. [ENABLE]
    2. LoadLibrary(x.dll)
    3. LoadLibrary(y.dll)
    4. [DISABLE]
    Like this:

    if you click "file" and then "assign to current cheat table" it will appear on your cheat table and you can inject the DLLs with just activating it like you would do with a regular script.

    Keep in mind that when you use this method, cheat engine will not notify you if the DLL injection succeeded. Most things you will inject have a GUI or a messagebox when it gets injected so that won't be a problem.

    If there is more about cheat engine you would want to know you could either hop onto Cheat Engine Forums, ask me in a PM, or reply to this thread.

    Much love

    Jafel ≧◠◡◠≦ ♥
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