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Town Rusher(Beta) & AAPD (Automatic Ability Points Distributor v2.0) EMS 102.1 Beta & v2.0

Allow you to move between multiple town using the great temple interior map.

  1. Marcky
    Game Version:
    This mini bot has 2 tools :

    Town Rusher Beta (New) :
    Thi tool allow you to move between multiple towns using the « Great Temple Interior » portal/map or w/e...

    How to use:
    1 - Inject a BYPASS ( I use Airride's bypass)
    2 - Inject MBot.dll into MapleStory using any injector(I use MapleManager)
    3 - Wait till you are in-game
    4 - From the « Towns » Dropdown in the town rusher group, select the town you want to move at
    5 - Click the « Rush » button
    6 - Wait (~12 sec) and enjoy!

    Options :
    1 - CPU++ Checkbox : improve CPU by removing : Background, Tiles, Options box, Clouds, Objects and remove Map fades.
    2 - Speed bar : Adjust speed to your need.

    Notes :
    - This will focus MapleStory window automatically and it must stay focused (It uses send input to get out of perion fm and require focus)
    - CPU++ is recommended when using at faster speed.


    AAPD (Automatic Ability Points Distributor) V2.0 :

    How to use :
    1 : Inject a bypass (I use Airride's bypass)
    2 : Inject AAPD.dll into MS.
    3 : Wait till you are in-game.
    4 : From the target dropdown, select which AP to target ( ex . If you are a warrior, you would select STR, for bowmans DEX, etc...)
    5 : Activate the tool by ticking AAPD checkbox.

    Notes :
    - This will distribute 5 APs. It is not customizable for now...
    - Sometimes(dont ask me why) hooking the level takes some times(5~10 secs). So it is the best for you to wait until the status label is set to « Ready » in the bottom right corner (in green)

    ENJOY !:;):

    And please, report any bugs...

    Thank you!


    Credits :
    @Vytenis for IBot Source.
    @Waty for his bypassless packet sending method.
    @Minike for his Packets receive block script.
    @Jafel, but I dont remember why...
    @Some other peeps on the chat for AAPD.


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