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TSender 2.0 -- 89.2

Bypass-less Packet Sender w/ Multi-line Spammer

  1. Tryst
    TSender is a packet sender designed for MapleStory Europe, equipped featuring a multi-line packet spammer.
    The original version attracted almost 10,000 downloads, making this one of the most popular packet senders out there!


    A friendly note: I've been updating TSender for every patch now since August 2011. In this time, I've only ever received €4 in donations. TSender receives between 500 and 1500 downloads per patch, and I would really appreciate it if you could return some love:



    You do not need a bypass to use this.

    * - random byte used on both the sender and spammer.
    37 00 01 * * * * - here, the CC (channel 2) timestamp has been randomized.
    <1-4:0x00-0x00000000:0xFF-0xFFFFFFFF> - increment by 1 per loop on the spammer.
    21 00 <1:0x00:0x0D> * * * * - here, the timestamp has been randomized, and the channel has been filtered to loop between 0 (0x00) and 13 (0x0D).

    Solutions to Temporary Problems
    Using wildcards (*) in the main window will cause Maple to crash! Only use them in the spam window (they work fine there).
    The spam window does not re-enable itself automatically when it is complete. When you think it is complete, simply tick the spam checkbox (it won't restart it) to enable everything again.

    Unlike the previous version (1.0), 2.0 will not work without updating after each patch. Sorry for any inconvenience. I'll aim to get new versions out as soon as possible.

    You can open multiple instances of the spam window to spam multiple packets and different delays.
    Use a delay of '0' to spam an unlimited number of times

    * UPX is a freely available code packer which has been used to make the file size much smaller. ClamAV flags this as a potentially unwanted application, but this is perfectly safe.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Race Him
    Race Him
    Version: 2.0 -- 89.2
    The best and most simplest packet sender out there As a side note would be awesome if you could add a logger too! :D