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[Tutorial] How to succesfully inject the XignCode bypass eMS vxxx

Explains how you're supposed to inject the bypass correctly.

  1. Melv
    Game Version:
    Works for any gameversion
    Hello CCPLZ, most of you will be having issues when trying to inject the XignCode3 bypass (it will still give a xigncode detection message ingame and close MapleStory).
    If that issue occurs to you, follow this little tutorial and learn how to inject the bypass in a proper manner.

    1. Download the Injector provided in this thread.
    it'll look like this:

    2. Press the Settings button and change the following settings:
    -Injection Method: Thread Hijacking.
    -Erase PE enabled
    -Hide Module enabled
    which will result in these settings: [​IMG]

    3. Choose MapleStory.exe as process to inject to, choose the .dll you'd like to inject and hit the Inject button.

    Note: Other DLLs such as MSCRC.dll might not like it when you use these injection settings, therefore when injecting DLLs other than the XignCode bypass, on the Settings-page hit the Reset button and use that standard Injection method.