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wxPloiter (any EMS version, self-updating) r7-bypassless

Bypassless open-source multiline packet editor with send/recv blocking and recv inject.

  1. Increased textbox limit

    [*] the packet textbox can now hold up to 64k of text
    [*] the packet textbox's scroll bars won't be visible when not needed
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  2. r6-bypassless: added header saving


    [+] added header saving

    [*] minor code cleanup
  3. Updated to v109, switched back to bypassless hooks

    [*] switched back to bypassless hook due to new crypto checks that I need to implement for winsock decryption
    [*] cleaned up the packethooks code a little
  4. Updated to v108, winsock hooks (no MSCRC required)

    I have fixed my winsock hooks and the PE now correctly decrypts winsock packets without having to hook MS functions, which will break much less often than regular packet hooks when the game is updated.
    This doesn't require a MSCRC bypass, but you will still need HSCRC to get in-game. Just use Taku's bypass and enable HSCRC.
    Send blocking doesn't work for now. Recv blocking theoretically works but I haven't tested it.

    EDIT: this still works in v109 by the way

    Code (Text):
    2. [*]...
  5. Updated to v103 (send log temp. broken)

    • Removed april fools messages
    • Send logging / blocking is temporarily broken: the opcodes for the bypassless send hook have changed and I can't seem to update it for now.
    • Send / Recv injection seem to be unchanged so they should work, but I haven't tested them
    If someone has a working bypassless send hook I'll be glad to implement it and give you full credits, as I suck at reversing.

    This is just a minor temporary update, I'll work on the new features as soon as...
  6. r2 - delay between lines, some saveable settings, toggle packet copy and bugfixes

    Sorry for the late update, I've been busy as hell delivering mesos all day every day.

    [+] Delay between lines for the multiline sender
    [+] A toggle to avoid packets being automatically copied to the textbox
    [+] Save / load settings as ini files (it's still missing blocked / ignored headers though)
    [*] Doesn't crash with empty lines
    [*] Fixed potential crashes when injecting packets while spamming or changing vaues while spamming

    TODO in 1.2 (coming soon):
    - Investigate problems with...