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wxPloiter (GMS version) - Bypassless open-source packet editor r10-fuckNGS

Bypassless open-source multiline packet editor with send/recv blocking and recv inject.

  1. Experimental NGS workaround

    This is an experiemental workaround to NGS detection when using this PE with no bypass. Please use the included custom injector.

    [+] Added a custom injector that randomizes part of the code section
    [*] Added a checksum hack macro in every function of the PE so that the injector can randomize it.

    You must use the custom injector if you're using this without a bypass!:
    - Start MapleStory from GameLauncher (don't click play)
    - Run wxPloiterInjector
    - ???
    - Profit
    If the...
  2. Updated stack offsets in the recv hook to v160.2

    [*] Updated stack offsets in the recv hook to v160.2
  3. Minor adjustments to the checksum randomizer

    Minor adjustments to the checksum randomizer
  4. Updated to v160, added checksum randomization to try and prevent NGS error 2

    The hooks self-updated correctly but the stack on recv was off because of the different hook point and the maple version AoB changed. It's fixed now.
  5. fixed fake A/B, increased packet textbox limit

    [*] fixed fake A/B on send injection by switching to Waty's packet injection method. this should also make spamming more stable.
    [*] packet textbox can now hold up to 64kb of text.
    [*] the packet textbox's scrollbars are invisible when not needed.
  6. r6-bypassless: added header saving


    [+] added header saving
    [*] minor code cleanup