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wxPloiter (KMS version, source code now available) r10-fuckNGS

open-source multiline packet editor with send/recv blocking and recv inject.

  1. Franc[e]sco
    Game Version:

    You will need to install the ->Visual C++ 2012 Redist<- to run this. Tested on Windows 7 and Windows 8 / 8.1.
    It's highly recommended to inject this once the game has completely started up (at login screen) using cheat engine or your favorite injector.
    This requires a bypass. You can use mine -> here.

    The source code is now available ---> here <--- and I've included all of the dependencies so that it builds out of the box!

    • Coded in pure C++. No crappy .NET framework needed.
    • Self-updating. Every single hook and address in this PE is based on AoBs. This means that it will work even after a patch, as long as the AoBs don't change. If the AoBs do break, I will update them ASAP.
    • High performance logging - turning logging on will have almost no effect on your game's performance thanks to the excellent performance of virtual wxWidgets listviews.
    • Multiline send / recv injecting.
    • Randomize bytes or nibbles in your packets by adding a wildcard character (*).
    • Spam multiline packets at any delay you want
    • Packet logging, packet injection and send/recv blocking.
    • Open source. The code is still messy, but it works. You can grab a copy of the source code with all the dependencies here https://github.com/Francesco149/wxPloiterPublicKMS
    • Filter out annoying headers from your logs by ignoring them.

    wxPloiter is a Open-Source, lightweight PE coded in c++ using wxWidgets for the GUI. It's meant to look simple, minimal and clean and it aims to provide great performance even when logging extreme amounts of data in real time.

    Thanks to:
    keroberos_: for testing and providing me with KMS accounts
    AIRRIDE: for the bypassless packet hooks
    kma4: for the thread id spoofing offset
    tmalik616: for helping me investigate some issues with the PE
    [D.R.T]: for tips on the GUI layout
    The OdinMS and TitanMS coders for reversing maple's packet encryption.
    and anyone else I left out!


    Logging packets:
    Click logging -> Log send or Log recv to toggle packet logging

    Sending packets:
    Select Send/Recv from the Inject Packets panel, then enter your packet (or click a packet in the log to copy it to the textbox) and click inject.
    You can also add multiple packets and send them in rapid succession by adding one packet per line in the textbox.
    You can also spam packets by setting the delay (in milliseconds) in the textbox below the packet textbox and ticking "Spam".

    Blocking/ignoring a selected packet's header:
    Select a packet from the packet log then go to Packet->Ignore header or Block header. They shouldn't be greyed out as long as you selected a packet from the log.

    Blocking/ignoring packets by manually entering the header:
    Click Packet -> Header list to open the header list

    In the window that pops up, enter your header and select the desired action. Then click Add. You can click Remove to unblock / unignore.