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Xigncode3 bypass [No injection] 2015-11-11


  1. Lockon
    Game Version:
    Hello CCPLZ, this is a leeched version of a bypass, originating somewhere from Moopler, i could not find the original creator but can give you the bypass, this method was also given out by Eludiacs.

    It says Virus infected, but is false positive.

    What to do.

    1. Open up maple installation folder and find ijl15.dll and then Rename your ijl15.dll to ijl15.old
    2. Put the Load folder and the ijl15.dll from the zip into maple installation folder
    3. Inside maple installation folder find Xigncode3 folder, open it locate Xigncode.txt and delete it.
    4. Now put your cheat engine installation folder and cheattables on a flashdrive
    5. Launch Maplestory, log in game. This comes with MSCRC aswell.

    If this is against any rules. i am sorry. all Credits goes to Chubz from Moopler.net and Eludiacs, for help with setup.

    Edit Added video for easier guidance.
    When black screen occurs jump to 5:10 i honestly don't know. it must have happened in the rendering process. too many tracks going or something idk. cba to fix atm :p