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ZInjector [Specific Injecting, Regular...whatever] 1.0.6


  1. Zion
    Virus scan: http://virusscan.jotti.org/en/scanresult/5fc15921d5152b092f4b00b9f8d85e4413fde912


    Because my old one sucks, I made a new one which contains a feature I always fucking wanted, but noone ever made it.

    You know when you have multiple MapleStory windows open, but you only want to inject your shitty hacks into one of the windows? And when you scroll though the processes you can't tell which of them it is that you want to inject to? Yeah that pissed the shit out of me. But don't you worry! Here comes the solution...

    Now you can select which window you want to inject to simply by clicking it!

    GIF demonstrating the feature

    You can also inject it manually by selecting the process in the list if you want.

    Other features:
    • Quickly launch MapleStory with the shortcut button
    • Inject, refresh and kill processes
    • Filter processes so it only displays those which has its own window. (Not showing background processes etc)

    And uh, I guess that's it.
    Happy newyear or whatever. It's one day left now.