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ZSBClient - [REVAMPED] CCPLZ Shoutbox "IRC" Client 1.1

Shoutbox client sbclient

  1. Zion


    Fixed most problems that existed with the old one.
    Alerts now .ToLower(), so it doesn't matter if the alert-words are capitalized or whatever.

    Obligatory >le meme-arrow

    • Read your favorite CCPLZ Shoutbox drama without the need of having ccplz open in your browser.
    • Alert when someone says either of the pre-defined alert-words
    • Alerts when you receive a PM or a new Alert on ccplz
    • Read Shoutbox even without logging in
    { Instructions }
    Just place the two files from the .zip file in the same folder and then run the .exe and you're good to go.

    The tool doesn't require you to log in with your CCPLZ account in order to work, but it will limit some of the features. The restrictions are none that I have myself implemented obviously, but it's just the way it is.

    Login required to:
    - Post messages
    - Read PM/Alert on ccplz

    Login NOT required to:
    - Read messages
    - Recieve alerts
    - Everything else!

    { How? }
    It simply reads and parses information from the website via HtmlAgilityPack and simple HttpWebRequest.

    { What other websites does it connect to? }
    It only connects to http://www.ccplz.net and various sub-links within that site

    { Why? }
    I like to be able to recieve notifications when people mention my name in the shoutbox. I really can't be arsed to lurk around there all the time. Besides, people usually start drama, and that's always fun to read.
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    Version: 1.0
    Looks smooth :3