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Selling 2-2m xenon account [windia]

Discussion in 'Accounts' started by Morata, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Morata

    Morata (81) Banned Banned Trusted Trader

    Hello, I'm selling alot of xenon equips, I will also sell te account if it gets any good offers ( account is 2-2m+clean and has 90% PDR) full buffed able to cap on a FEW bosses like madman, the account is a 21x xenon, and it got all link skills done+ it has a 2xx mercedes and a 16x marksman, the account also has 50+ perm nx equips. also has some good untradeable eq ( legendary sweet watter face, unique eye,unique secondary etc etc
    The account also has alot of inventory slots in use,etc,equip,set-up and it has around 16 storage slots
    The xenon also has some lvl 100 traits which gives him some nice bonus stats
    For any questions about the account feel free to add my skype

    The Equips: ( you have to psok them or the price will be +5€ )
    Weapon: http://imgur.com/1GAH3od C/o - A/w 85€
    Tyrant Cape: http://imgur.com/Xu4bY4Y C/o - A/w 85€
    Tyrant Belt: http://imgur.com/V3ATjgY C/o - A/w 45€
    Superior Gollux Ring: http://imgur.com/iHvexp1 C/o - A/w 35€
    Solid Gollux Ring: http://imgur.com/ahMd4bD C/o - A/w - 35€
    Reinforced Gollux Ring: http://imgur.com/jVKuqbh C/o - A/w - 65€
    Reinforced Gollux Pendant 1: http://imgur.com/QRh5hcJ C/o - A/w - 25€
    Reinforced Gollux Pendant 2: http://imgur.com/rcZ2GlK C/o - A/w - 25$ both pendants for 45€
    Reinforced Gollux Earrings: http://imgur.com/DzwJln0 C/o - A/w - 40€
    Meister Shoulder: http://imgur.com/PgZc2Nb C/o - A/w - 45€
    LGR: http://imgur.com/FZtG7No C/o - A/w 300$ SOLD FOR 270$
    Hybrid Heart: http://imgur.com/BGfr0xM C/o - A/w - 100$
    Gloves: http://imgur.com/z0zmPEL C/o - A/w - 25€
    Cra Hat: http://imgur.com/ph1CYHt C/o - A/w - 45€
    Cra Top: http://imgur.com/9tPULSZ C/o - A/w - 35€
    Cra Pants: http://imgur.com/TJukFsh C/o - A/w - 40€
    Boots: http://imgur.com/xt7eA9P C/o - A/w - 20€
    Combat Order Boots: http://imgur.com/e1lJ1e9 C/o - A/w 25€
    DSI/DSE Gloves: http://imgur.com/reAugXE C/o - A/w 40€
    Claw: http://imgur.com/ZF9XaTL C/o 80$ A/w 120€
    Account: TODAY 900€ VERY CHEAP!! no offers

    Payment methods: Paypal,Windia Mesos, EMS kradia mesos.
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    Last edited: Sep 6, 2015
  2. Cupii

    Cupii (7) CCPLZ Donor Donor New Trader

    When was the making of the account? before the IP block ?
  3. Morata

    Morata (81) Banned Banned Trusted Trader

    It was made in 2007 just 2 months after the block, so you got to use a vpn, I can help you with a decent free vpn if needed tough

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