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Europe Aran hairstyle

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Uhud, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. Uhud

    Uhud CCPLZ Donor Donor

    ]Aran hairstyles are here! But i have no idea how to get them...i saw some guy with it (his name is araniegend) I asked him how to get it not sure if he spoke english but he said royal coupon and went off

    Im sure aran hairstyles are definitely here but gms had them in vip coupon in henesys and kerning. Checked both in ems and not there so it has to be royal. Question is, season 1 or 2? And how many other styles are there in a season...that means more styles equals less chances of getting it?
  2. Screen.

    Screen. nou Retired

    Both the female and male aran hairstyles come from Royal Coupon 2. There's about 9 different hairstyles available from the royal coupon, so the hair's quite rare :P
  3. Uhud

    Uhud CCPLZ Donor Donor

    9?! Dammit thats like 11% chance. I can only get it 4 times!

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