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Back from sailing

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by gsus106, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. gsus106

    gsus106 106 Donor

    Hello guys,

    I was sailing for a long period (i am a navigator). Since i now have more time to play games, i am back to ccplz aswell. I don't really play ems anymore, but to play together on ps4/runescape you can add me.
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  2. Jura

    Jura Member

    RUNESCAPEEE aw yeahh :rdwut:
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  3. gsus106

    gsus106 106 Donor

    Forgot to mention: Oldschool
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  4. Aardbei

    Aardbei http://www.unban-taku.com/ Donor

    Heya, welcome back. There are quite a few guys playing RS here (including me) but I don't play legit. ::3:
    Recently we suggested a RS section for the forum (link) but the admins still haven't accepted/rejected it #theyhateuscausetheyanus

    Anyway, hf at ccplz :pet-pingu:
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