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Europe Boss killing

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by RedSkyNL, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. RedSkyNL

    RedSkyNL Member

    Hi all,

    It's been a very long time since i played Maple (i restarted like 2-3 weeks ago). I was never a "super-experienced" player. I just learned what the good stat-builds would be.

    So this would probably a question for the experienced players: What EQ/Dex/Level would be needed to kill a good boss, like Pianus?

    I currently have a 5x Aran, 60 base dex, rest on strength. It has some sucky EQ's but, i do have the level 40 Polearm (Crescent Polearm). I would like to get some nice items, and cash, but i wonder how i could do that.

    It's not a question on how to BOT a boss, but what bosses would be nice for me to kill solo (useing the Triple Swing bug). I just wanna kill it using Triple Swing or whatever. If somebody could give me some advice.

    (I don't bother if you could give me some advice on how to get some good EQ's for Aran. I don't wanna waste all my money on highscrolled Weapons and EQ's, since i only have like 7-10M xD)
  2. Screen.

    Screen. nou Retired

    Use http://screamingstatue.com/accuracymain.php and select the Boss tab to see what bosses you're able to hit. Once you can hit it, you can kill it.

    For some extra cash, do some quests that give decent scrolls. There's about 4 gloves for attack quests, 2 cape scroll quests, 2 overall scroll quests, 1 30% shoes jump quest, 1 Overall dex 30% quest and there's many quests that give you scrolls for your class, in your case it would be Polearm att 60%.

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