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Europe Botting trouble

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Chafe, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. Chafe

    Chafe Well-Known Member

    Hi, I'm not 100% sure this is the right place to post but I'm having some botting trouble.
    From time to time my maplestory just shuts down without any error message,
    it seems this only happens when the game window is not focused because I've had the game on through the nights sometimes.

    But when I'm playing another fullscreen game or watching a movie the game has usually shut down when I go out of fullscreen.
    Does anyone else have this issue? Or does anyone know why and how I can remedy this?

    I use:
    Perfect kami
    e-dark trainer
  2. Ation

    Ation s. mod Moderator Donor

    Try using another trainer. I had the same problem when I used E-Dark on my main OS. On VM (guest OS) it worked just fine thought. o,o
  3. Kyuute

    Kyuute New Member

    May be because of your CPU.
    Wich hacks are you using?
    Do you ALT+TAB or windowed it before you play another game?
  4. Chafe

    Chafe Well-Known Member

    I'd really like to stay with e-dark :p It's just superior imo.

    Perfect Kami -
    kami, loot and autopot

    7miss, no knockback
    cc 1 people, no breath
    Tubi, cc bypass
    and basic bot functions, attack, buff, loot

    Yes I alt-enter to go into windowed mode, I always play maplestory that way.
  5. Kyuute

    Kyuute New Member

    Cause ALT TAB wont turn it into wondowed so..

    Hack are good..
    So what about using another trainer at the same time to use the "Hide MS' function?
  6. Chafe

    Chafe Well-Known Member

    Alt+enter turns on windowed mode, and that's what I use.
    Hmm, I'll try to use a trainer with "Hide MS" and report back.

    Im going to wait until e-dark adds the hide ms function to the next version, which should be tomorrow.

    And I'm pretty sure it has to do with graphics, because I just played a windowed game with maplestory in the background (also windowed)
    and when i checked after an hour maplestory had closed down.
  7. Chafe

    Chafe Well-Known Member

    Maplestory shuts down even if I dont load any dll's into it,
    but only if I have another game activated/something that uses my graphics card on some level.

    I'm using vlc and mpc HC to view movies and such and I've got certain settings on mpc that makes it similar to a game.
    And when I run that or another game maplestory crash after 10-50minutes.
  8. Chafe

    Chafe Well-Known Member

    Last post, mods can lock this thread now.

    Using "hide maple" fixes my problem.

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