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Burn a koran day? :o

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CabananZa, Sep 11, 2010.

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  1. CabananZa

    CabananZa Well-Known Member

    Did they ever Burn a koran today? :o

    I myself think it's insanity. It would just lead more muslims to al-Qaida or other terrorist groups.

    NO OFFENCE TO ANYONE, i don't care what religion you are and i don't assume that all of you muslims out there will join a terrorist force if they burn the Koran today. I'm just saying it would probably lead some of the Extreme-islamist ( for example Shia) to join them.

    What is your opinion of the Koran burning?
  2. Harmy

    Harmy mr. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    I think its pretty stupid, it will just anger muslims/islams or whoever reads the koran, and cause more arguements/disputes and wars.
  3. CabananZa

    CabananZa Well-Known Member

    Totally with you man.
  4. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    At the end of the day, had Muslims decided to burn Christian bibles (for many prejudices made toward them) then they would be up in arms about it. It's almost a definition of hypocrisy and double standards. It incites hatred and should be condemned by any rational person.
  5. Azunyan

    Azunyan Active Member

    Burn it, it's just a book...
  6. Daansjoe

    Daansjoe Well-Known Member

    thats right :)
  7. CabananZa

    CabananZa Well-Known Member

    That's insanity. Revenge is not going to take them anywhere! (if somewhere, some steps behind). They always need the last "word" if you catch mah drift.
  8. CabananZa

    CabananZa Well-Known Member

    Odin didn't understand a single sh*t of what you said ther S3NSA >.<
  9. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    That's like saying "burn it down, it's just a building" regarding your home. The fact is that to many it's not 'just a book'. It's something that provides a sense of direction and comfort for them. In fact, many would rather lose their homes than their faith.
  10. CabananZa

    CabananZa Well-Known Member

    That was pretty stupid of you too say. It's not "just a book" to them. It's the guidelines to there religion and to them, burning the koran is like practicly taking a dump on what Muhammed created hunderes of years ago.
  11. CabananZa

    CabananZa Well-Known Member

    You couldn't have said it better S3NSA.
  12. Scum 5436

    Scum 5436 Banned Banned

    I personally don't see what the big deal is, if the guy wants to burn koran's let him be, it's what he wants to do ( freedom of speech/religion etc. ).
    I wouldn't get pissed of if people would burn bibles or anything :O
    People should just keep in mind that you got your own beliefs and ways of doing things, it's what makes the difference in all of us, if everybody would follow the same beliefs and thoughts, we would be all the same.
    And that would be terrible ><
  13. Harmy

    Harmy mr. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    You just contradicted your self o_0

    You said that you dont see what the big deal is and you wouldnt get pissed of if people 'burnt bibles' and you said that everybody has got their own beliefs, so if muslims/islams or w/e strongly believe in the koran then why should they let them get burnt?

    (Not like i give a damn or anything)

    But its like saying if theres something in your life that means alot to you, and somebody burnt it, how would you feel? It's the same for them.
  14. Twister

    Twister Well-Known Member

    Before I start, Cabananza, theres something called an edit button. ._. Start using it, double posting is lame.

    Now, about the koran situation, That guy from the churge(No idea how to spell this right now) blew this whole thing off, if the news speaks thruthfully.
    And I think thats pretty much the most wise decision. It would have caused thousands of muslims to go nuts and go be pissed in NY even more, and wouldve caused some more dead mommies and daddies less.
  15. Scum 5436

    Scum 5436 Banned Banned

    Hmm that's true, now let's hope the radical muslims don't make a counterattack/action to take revenge again ><
  16. Roel

    Roel Well-Known Member

    i think that burning a book as the koran can ofcrouse be offensite, if not very offensive to the muslims

    but what about the people making videos about burning american flags, and pictures of american leaders
  17. Scum 5436

    Scum 5436 Banned Banned

    Korans have been burned at 9/11 but not by the guy that was all over the news about it, they did somewhere in Colorado I believe?
  18. yordieaanen

    yordieaanen New Member


    hey dsfsfdfdfsdfdf
  19. Azunyan

    Azunyan Active Member

    Go read the Qur'an, then try typing that again.

    The Qur'an has A LOT of retarded things in it, like "If your wife has sex with someone else or gets raped, cut her head off and put it in the oven." (Many stuff alike)

    PROMISING 72(?) virgins after their death... "PROMISE" That makes them believe it's 100% CHANCE. So they will all suicide bomb if they are bored or their life's ain't going 100% as they wanted to get free virgins, resulting in innocent people getting hurt.

    The book itself states something among the lines; "The Islam is the ONLY good religion, all other religions are evil."

    The book itself is retarded. I have nothing against Muslims that are not retarded. I have some muslim friends irl.

    No jokes, go read it man, you'll be stunned.
  20. BeKo

    BeKo Member

    they definitely do not suicide because they are bored and dream of virgins in heaven ... they more likely suicide because their whole family was killed therefore they want to take revenge ...
    and btw the golden rule is similar to all other golden rules of religions:

    "Hurt no one so that no one may hurt you."

    not like: "Kill all who dont believe in Allah"
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