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.::[ CCPLZ Official IRC ]::.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by S3NSA, Aug 4, 2010.

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  1. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    - - - -

    Hello CCPLZ users, it's been awhile in the coming but I'm pleased to say that the CCPLZ official IRC is finally live!

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    WHAT IS IRC? internet relay chat
    WHAT IS IRC FOR? Instant and off-topic chat. Communicate with other forum members in real time.
    WHAT IS THE SERVER? irc.ccplz.net
    WHAT IS THE CHANNEL? #ccplz for general talk and #EMS for EMS talk. (#EMS isn't used)
    #ccplz-nl for Dutch, #ccplz-de for German, #ccplz-fr for French and so on.

    WHERE CAN I GET AN IRC CLIENT? mIRC, XChat, or irssi.

    IRC Rules

    • Do not ask for special privileges or exemptions.
    • Do not attempt to evade irc bans, mutes, or other punishments.
    • Do not attempt to impersonate other IRC/Forum members.
    • Do not abuse operator status, by sharing it with the unauthorized.
    • Script abuse will get you banned.
    • NO BOTS! If you want to test a bot, set its username (not nickname) to test!
    • No flaming other users
    • No flooding
    • Use your common sense
    If you are banned, query the operator who banned you or PM them on the forum. Include anyone else who may be relevant to the conversation.


    /server irc.ccplz.net
    /join #ccplz

    By registering it. Register with the following syntax: /msg NickServ REGISTER yourpassword youremail
    Once you're registered and each time you connect you will need to identify by typing: /msg NickServ IDENTIFY MyPassword

    If someone is annoying you, and the admin/operators are offline, then please use /ignore <nickname> to ignore their messages.

    To private chat someone, enter /query <nickname>. A new tab/branch (depending on what client you use) will open where you can speak to that person in private.


    We hope you enjoy the IRC as much as we do. Thanks for reading!
  2. spawnfestis

    spawnfestis Well-Known Member

    Everyone cool is there.
  3. Lollage

    Lollage Well-Known Member

    Niceeee ;D

    Goodjob S3NSA I'm definetly going to spend alot of time there :D
  4. Ant3

    Ant3 Well-Known Member

    I shall be there like all the time :D :F9:
  5. Subarashii

    Subarashii Well-Known Member

    So I'm there too :D
  6. Paul

    Paul Well-Known Member

    I'm in. Thanks for this!
  7. OMGitsSander

    OMGitsSander Well-Known Member

    Nice one, gonna be there the whole day I think 2morrow:P
    Nothing better to do in this damn country anyways..
  8. v

    v hey bro Retired

    Check your PMs Jony & S3NSA.
  9. mageboys

    mageboys iPlayNaked Donor

    Not to sound retarded but how do you get on the server from mIRC i realy cant find out how?
  10. v

    v hey bro Retired

    >select server
    >fill out info
  11. Scum 72638

    Scum 72638 Go with the flow. Banned

    It might be a cool idea to add a direct link up there to S3NS4, for all the opera users and people who may use direct link-go clients :D
  12. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    Using what, and what error?
  13. Brandon

    Brandon New Member

    I've also made a channel for GMS, #gms.
  14. NonLeaf

    NonLeaf Well-Known Member

    Awesome :D
  15. Syncness

    Syncness New Member

    Permission denied mang.
  16. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    Using what client?
  17. Sezabi

    Sezabi Well-Known Member

    The web client, i can't connect with Pidgin latest version either.

    Web client log.
  18. Syncness

    Syncness New Member

    And also mIRC with NNScript.

    Only Mibbit works for me.
  19. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    For some reason you have to decline the certificate that pops up, then it works:


    As for mIRC, most of our users connect fine using it so it must be a problem your end.

    Code (Text):
    1. >Raasclut< CTCP VERSION
    2. -Raasclut- VERSION mIRC v6.35 Khaled Mardam-Bey
    3. >Ryu< CTCP VERSION
    4. -Ryu- VERSION mIRC v7.1 Khaled Mardam-Bey
  20. Syncness

    Syncness New Member

    Thanks S3NSA, but any troubleshooting ideas?

    Gamesurge, Freenode, old ----, IPTorrents all work fine.
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