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Europe Combo Smash/Drain Hack-Bot

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by SS14, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. SS14

    SS14 New Member


    Tired to see 30 000combo point, i'm researchin' a Combo Smah/drain bot.

    Thank's =)
  2. King Virus

    King Virus Banned Banned

    Uh.... look at the Released section for the Aran Skill Hacks and the Smart tool.
  3. Danny1994

    Danny1994 Likes to contribute Coder

    I dont even understand for what he's serching for.
  4. SS14

    SS14 New Member

    Oh sorry, i was researchin' a bot who can use my Combo's point skill (Combo Smash / drain).

    I will try


  5. zoro

    zoro Donor

    you can use combo drain anytime, even without a combo.
  6. SS14

    SS14 New Member

    Yep i got it, combo drain anytime and combo smash every 12sec, i think i got a perfect bot now =D
  7. Ation

    Ation s. mod Moderator Donor

    Uhh... you can do Combo Smash when you've 30 combo, so because I've Polearm Booster + Maxed Full Swing and I'm using Double Swing I can do Combo Smash like every 2-3 seconds.
  8. SS14

    SS14 New Member

    Oh well, i'm just a noob atm in "bot", i've just reached the lvl 5X...

    But thank for the advice, i'll try to add 2*swing, may 3*swing. =D

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