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Europe [Contest] Official CCPLZ Youtube Video Contest

Discussion in 'Hacks & Downloads' started by S3NSA, Aug 7, 2010.

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  1. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator


    Official CCPLZ Youtube Video Contest

    Welcome CCPLZ members, to what I hope shall be a fun challenge that will both keep many of you entertained, but also give you a chance to win some cash and help boost our community here. The contest is open to anyone who wishes to have a crack at it, so don't be afraid to have a go regardless of prior experience. Now, without further ado:

    The Contest

    The contest is simple. Create a video showcasing and advertising CCPLZ, the video can be funny, a simple advert or clever in its own way. It's up to you. We want to see a range of ideas and talent. It's your choice what part of CCPLZ you highlight in your video, just be sure to include the fact that we're a EMS hacking website. Apart from that, please do join in and have fun. After the deadline, all videos will be posted in one thread and users will be able to choose for their favourite. After 24 hours of voting the polls will be closed and the winner decided.


    - - You may create multiple entries if you wish
    - - You must have a link to the forum in your description.
    - - All entries must be received by 11:59pm (BST) on the 17th of August.
    - - Your video must explain that we're an EMS hacking community/forum.
    - - Don't worry about other contestants, have fun and give it your best.
    - - Include common tags which you feel are related to CCPLZ, like 'EMS', 'Europe', 'Maplestory', 'Hacks' etc.

    How to

    First of all, plan what you want to do. Give some thought as to the style of your video, its length and what you plan to include. Once you've made it, upload it to Youtube. When the video has been processed, PM me a link to it and I'll add it to the [anonymous] list after the deadline has been reached. From the time of the poll being posted (to the next hour) users on the forum will have 24 hours to vote for their favourite. Whoever receives the most votes wins and the member will be revealed, and receive their prize.


    The winner may choose one of the following prizes:
    - - $20 via Paypal - -
    - - A Minecraft account - -
    - - When VIP is released you're entitled to $20 worth of it - -
    - - A game worth $20 or below on Steam (you may also request multiple games if the total is below $20) - -


    Best of luck to all the contestants and if you have any queries, feel free to PM me or post here.
    Note that I am currently with my girlfriend until Wednesday but I'll be sure to check and reply at least once per day.


  2. Troll

    Troll Banned Banned

    I`d make one ASAP.
  3. Twister

    Twister Well-Known Member

    Uh, about the prizes... Say I would win, could you guys keep the 15$ since I dont have paypal, and I dont know when I will get one, and like, just spend it on VIP, whenever it will be released?
  4. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    Sure, that could be accommodated. Especially with the VIP we're planning.

    Oh and prize bumped to $20, just for the heck of it :3
  5. Paul

    Paul Well-Known Member

    I'm in. Good to see there's already a contest to keep the community active.
  6. xMatt

    xMatt New Member

    Hmm... sounds great to make some money. =D
  7. Twister

    Twister Well-Known Member

    Im also in! Lets see if I still can do some video editing. [;
  8. Ation

    Ation s. mod Moderator Donor

    I'm in! :F3:
  9. OMGitsSander

    OMGitsSander Well-Known Member

    Nice rewards S3NSA, you're good at making these kind of events!
    I wish every1 good luck as I wont participate:P
    Cuz I know I would win easily:F3:
  10. absurd

    absurd New Member

    S3NSA, do you allow templates to be used? I expect people to use templates which can be easily downloaded for free. In my opinion, this wouldn't be fair to other users who actually made a new project on their own.
  11. Danny1994

    Danny1994 Likes to contribute Coder

    I always want to improve my skills in After Affects / Photoshop.
    But i'll need to download them first, i reinstalled my OS (Wich will take some time with ~150 KBs,hehe).
  12. Ation

    Ation s. mod Moderator Donor

    I deleted my video by a mistake. :F2:
    Gotta remake it now.
  13. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    Thanks for the feedback guys, glad you like it.

    In all honesty, it's going to be hard to enforce a ban on all templates, considering they're so readily available and in such large amounts. However, when it comes to the public vote you guys will be deciding which you liked best, so feel free to vote for the original ones.
  14. Fury

    Fury <marquee><font color="#FFBF00"><b>Official CCPLZ G Banned

    can i do the video in my own v55 pserver?and let it looks like hacking?
  15. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    Why couldn't you do it in EMS?
  16. Fury

    Fury <marquee><font color="#FFBF00"><b>Official CCPLZ G Banned

    dont know :O
  17. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    Would prefer it if you could do it in EMS :3
  18. SeNeco

    SeNeco Member

    Im uploading it atm...
    Im not the best in Video Editing.. Damn xDD

    Nice Contest!
  19. Twister

    Twister Well-Known Member

    So, how is everyones vid going? D:
  20. SeNeco

    SeNeco Member

    My Video is Damn Small...
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