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Europe Do this happens to you?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Jett, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Jett

    Jett Ravy's Lover, Shinso's Bitch. Donor

    Everytime i hack on ems, every 1min i dc.
    Does this happens to you to? :confused:
  2. NonLeaf

    NonLeaf Well-Known Member

    outdated hacks, try to download new ones :)
  3. lucas

    lucas Banned Banned

    What hacks you use?
  4. HolyHackz

    HolyHackz Member

    Yeh, update the scripts u are using ;)
  5. Jett

    Jett Ravy's Lover, Shinso's Bitch. Donor

    On my own i'm using DarkTrainer 63.3 + Kami.
    On Vmware i'm using Noobiebot 63.d + Kami.
    Both D'cing at the same time >.<.
  6. Onurrr

    Onurrr Well-Known Member

    use new hacks?
    you could dc cuz of patched hacks or wrong bypass
  7. Jett

    Jett Ravy's Lover, Shinso's Bitch. Donor

    I'm using the right Byass, and the 63.D trainers... i have tryed every trainer on this forum.
  8. QQII

    QQII Well-Known Member

    What hacks are you using?
    Some hack combination D/C you.
    Like if you were stuck in one place in the air too long. Or in the wall too long.

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