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General Debate over God and Religion.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by S3NSA, Aug 1, 2010.

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  1. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    Now, this debate has been successfully done over time and in a variety of forums. Religion is not exempt from being a topic of debate nor does it (or should it) hold sanctity over other people's opinions. Religion is debated in real life debate societies and on a large scale, it's an interesting topic and for many it's a way of learning new views and opinions. The aim of this debate is not to convert people, but to debate what you believe and support your views.

    If you do not wish to partake in this debate, then feel free not to. If you choose not to, then please refrain from posting. This is a debate and any off topic posts will be deleted and warned.


    • No flaming
    • No useless replies
    • Please put thought into your replies, remember this is a debate. "I believe in God because I do" isn't sufficient. Explain why.

    I hope we can engage in a meaningful, mature, debate and discuss our views on this important topic.
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  2. v

    v hey bro Retired

    I guess I'll start it off then.
    I'm more or less atheist. I like to think I'm agnostic atheist, so I'm not completely discounting the possibility of a God-like entity, as one can never really be sure of such things, but purely from observations and living, and limitations of life itself.
    One quote I love, from Douglas Adams is as follows:
    When quoting this before, I had a response from someone which was along the lines of:
    On first inspection, this seems like a reasonable response.
    But when you look into it, a gardener's function is primarily to maintain, not create.
    Maintenance can involve modification.
    To put my thoughts into a line:
    Yes, a beautiful garden requires a gardener. Not a fucking unicorn.

    The idea of God as an almighty creator, to me, seems absolutely ridiculous. And that quote illustrates my own personal reasoning perfectly.
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  3. Corner

    Corner Active Member

    For me, God is only a free therapheut for the peoples out there.
    They pray to him, they talk to him, but he dont react back, but the peoples are feeling better, after they prayed/spoke to him.
    This is my opinion, so dont flame me please.
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  4. v

    v hey bro Retired

    You're not going to get flamed for that.
    To an extent, I'd have to agree with you there.
    There are many reasons people would choose to believe in God, and I'm sure a large proportion of them are people going through immense grief, looking for someone to turn to.
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  5. Wallz

    Wallz Member

    Not to offend you but I believe everything you said their to be total rubbish. You say that an almighty being who created a whole universe is much more realistic than a scientifically proven theory? The big bang in short is that the universe was an extremely very dense and hot substance and it got to a point where the pressure was too high and it had to explode (just like we see with the life cycle of stars) This explosion caused the very hot an dense clump to be thrown apart creating collisions of particles to create the elements we see today (similar to nuclear fusion just on a massive scale) now because of this explosion thie clump became less dense and started to cool - and as we know when something cools it expands. This is our universe and as we know we know our universe is still expanding.

    Now why did I tell you this? well even though this is a theory on the origin of our universe I believe with all the evidence surrounding it and the lack of evidence of an almighty being this is the one we need to choose. I mean look at when it rains some could say that it is God making it rain when in reality we know it is the moisture in the clouds condensing.

    Now to Evolution; you said that this made you laugh? why? Saying a person created every animal made me laugh. I mean when the world was created supposedly there was a single cell organism that was created by the big bang, being as unlikely as that may be it happened. As the world has been living for millions of years (I don't know the exact number off the top of my head) this organism has had time to adapt. We know that there is competition out there with animals just as Darwins experiment with them birds (also can't remember the name), where he went into the wild and found how the same spices of bird has changed in order for them to be able to live/feed better - whilst the others unable to feed and died out leaving only the strong to breed and pass on their genes.

    Now on to the bible. You said the bible is logical evidence that religion is true. However I don't think it is. I belive this just shows there is evidence that people before our time were also religious. As I understand the bible is a series of books that were told down to people and eventually all written in a book. Now we all have played chinese whispers; as something is told to another person it can be changed. We don't know how long these stories were told and how long they have been going on for until they were written. And again they are stories; they are not proof of god. As I remember aren't they supposed to guide the person into being the perfect 'Christian' not to prove that religion is actually real - in reality to control people in not committing crimes or doing wrong doings (just the sort of law and order people needed in the old days)

    Sorry for the long message its just I don't understand how people in the day and age and take religion seriously. In the old days I for one know I would most likely be a christian or another type of religion this is because there wasn't anything else for answers. I believe religion was created by the rich and leaders of the world to control all the others and answer any questions they had about the world - however these days we have better (may not be right) but more logical answers for our creation
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  6. Eztys

    Eztys New Member

    I think it makes more sense that creatures are made by God, instead of a 'bang'. How the heck would animals been made by an explosion? I've never seen a bomb explode and create a creature, did you?
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  7. Corner

    Corner Active Member

    Do you know how a baby grows in the womb? Million cells grow and divide until a body part is formed.
    Why it shouldn?t be the same with the animals? I believe, its the same with animals, the "cells" are here cause of the big bang.

    I hope u understand me, I used Google Translator.
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  8. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    No more trolls please. Though it was amusing I will admit, I do want a serious debate to occur.

    That not quite true, the life we're aware of arose a long time after the big bang.

    God didn't create creatures as we see them today, that much is true. Though I can't say that some deity instigated it, there's certainly no need for it to have, considering the evolution of life and even it's origins are well documented.
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  9. Eztys

    Eztys New Member

    Do you know what's in such "cell"? Biljards of molecules which are combined in such way it can duplicate DNA to make more cells. And each cell has got his own function.
    There is just no way it suddenly 'was' there because something exploded.
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  10. Wallz

    Wallz Member

    Hmm where did my post go - sorry for being off topic but I thought this was a debate where everyone's views were allowed?
  11. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    No one seriously believes that life sprang instantly out of an explosion, just so you're aware. Perhaps you would like to look into abiogenesis, it's a pretty interesting area of science. As for things being created out of an explosion, you really only have to look around you at the solar system; the sun, variety of planets and their spectacular moons. Artificial life has now been created from scratch and our understanding of the origins of life are growing each day as a result.

    Wallz: Apologies but you fell for a troll (which should never have been posted) and both posts were deleted. However, I've restored your post as I believe there are points that people may wish to debate. Sorry for the confusion.
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  12. Scum 72638

    Scum 72638 Go with the flow. Banned

    Nothing destroys religious faith more effectively than by studying religious history.- Voltaire

    I'm a bit agnostic about religion - God created us? He wants us all to go to heaven?

    OK! let's break it down.

    People going to Hell: Happy people who care about eachother, donate to charity, love life, family and friends, but don't pray.
    People going to Heaven: Pedophiles and rapist who fuck peoples life up, but pray after it all.

    Think i'd rather go to hell!!!

    I would also like to point out poverty, racism, facism, etc still exist - Is that part of god's creation/idealism?

    Thank you for reading my shiznets.
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  13. Danny1994

    Danny1994 Likes to contribute Coder

    Srsly, most of the stuff in the Bible is bullshit.
    "Jesus revived the dead man" LOL, Bullshit !

    Im not sayin' that the Bible is a book of fairytales, but many stuff is just such a shit.
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  14. Twister

    Twister Well-Known Member

    I am not a believer of God myself.
    What I do believe though is that not even the ''big bang'' made us all, but something from outre(?) space. Something like a little bug, a cell or something that is capable of surviving a trip throughout space that came with a meteorite, or something like that came here, got evolved and that whats started earth, ofcourse, this process has taken thousands, and thousands of years, maybe even milions.
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  15. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    Well, the big bang led to life being created, so in essence you could still believe that. Also, evolution had nothing to do with the creation of the Earth.
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  16. Corner

    Corner Active Member

    Do you mean the Human evolution, or the evolution in General?

    Cause I dont think that our evolution would still exist, if we would be on another planet like Jupiter or someone else.
  17. BeKo

    BeKo Member

    First of all, i'm a muslim and i believe in god.
    somehow i suppose the debate will lead to a wrong direction because i told u that im a muslim however i will tell u my opinion.

    That's right Danny ... but I do not agree with your opinion about the bible just because i'm a muslim.
    Actually there are not big differences between the koran and the bible.

    However, everything needs a beginning.
    Maplestory needs a beginning
    Pokemon needs a beginning.
    And even the big bang needs a beginning.

    Maybe the evolution is true and maybe the big bang, too. ( more or less ^^ )
    If so -- then i do believe the big bang was initiated by god

    The first "thing", maybe a planet, cell or anything else, must have a beginning.
    And I think god is the one who started "everything".
    God is the beginning of everything imo of course.

    Now u may ask ... god needs also a beginning?!
    God is in our eyes almighty ... He's neither a human nor any Space ( dont know how to express it ).

    Thats why he doesnt have a beginning or we dont know about his beginning

    Thx for reading and im interested in your replies^^
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  18. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    I'm referring to evolution as a whole, it has nothing to do with the creation of the Earth. In other words, evolution is different to the mechanics that bring about planets. Evolution is purely based around organisms.

    To say "everything needs a beginning", and then saying God doesn't need one is a non-argument. It raises more questions than it solves. It's also illogical to exempt your answer from the same scrutiny that you apply to the question. If god didn't need a beginning then neither did the Universe. If the Universe needed a beginning, then so did god. It's simply not enough to state that one doesn't while the other does, especially without a shred of evidence to support such a claim.
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  19. whereismyhat

    whereismyhat Banned Banned

    I find the beginning of the earth to be extremely dull and I believe there's close to no reason to research something that has happened that long ago.
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  20. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    The creation of the earth, and our solar system is actually very interesting, considering it was instigated by the same force that makes hurricanes form; angular momentum. Fail to see how anyone could find the creation of a planet uninteresting. As for there being "close to no reason to research something that has happened that long ago", there are a vast number of reasons for researching such things. These include, but aren't limited to, finding renewable energy sources, understanding the origins of life and understand where and how life may exist on other planets. They also lend better understanding to our own geographical events and help better predict future motions within the planet.

    All in all, there is reason to study such things, even if you're clueless to them.
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