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Europe Getting rid of the GM's [project]

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Cuckoo, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. Cuckoo

    Cuckoo Fuckeh Yuuu Donor

    hi, im jsut kinda angry cause i got banned on a 0% hotspot and since i always use auto cc that means that some1 reported me, but i never hack in public soooo some1 ramdomly reported me and that gave me an idea


    step 1. we get a couple of ppl making as many accounts as they can a day (we need multiple accounts since you can only report like 3 times a day?)
    step 2. when we have a total of lets say 60 accounts we start randomly reporting ppl in freemarket and if we know that its a mercher (so we can easely find him) we will put his name on a list and report him the days afther that
    step 3. the reporting system will get fucked up since GM's have to check so many accounts

    i suggest making a private list of all reporting accounts (giving them all the same pass and pin) and get that list open to the ppl that are wrking on this project

    also, we should use KoC chars since they have almost instant acces to free market

    so i hope this will work and get rid of the active GM's tracking us all down it shouldnt take to long using account creators and just login in a couple of chars a day (like 15 each worker) and quickly reporting some random nub
  2. Twister

    Twister Well-Known Member

    I suppose this will only make the GMs even more active as they need to do more work. o-o.
  3. Cuckoo

    Cuckoo Fuckeh Yuuu Donor

    i dont think so they just have to do their work hours i gues and giving them useless work only keep them buzy
  4. Twister

    Twister Well-Known Member

    Which I guess will result in somehow let Nexon pay GMs for overhours or else they will hire more GMs and or recruit more GM helpers.
    Anyhow I dont think this will have any positive results.
  5. Scum 5436

    Scum 5436 Banned Banned

    I completely agree with you, this would cause GM's to be more active/get more GM's, also a FAKE/UNNEEDED report will also give you a ban ( I had to find that out the hard way >< )
  6. Harmy

    Harmy mr. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    shit idea is shit
  7. markb95

    markb95 Banned Banned

    They will just earn more money on this, or like Twister said, They will recruit more interns. It's not only a big waste of time for them, but also for us.
  8. Fury

    Fury <marquee><font color="#FFBF00"><b>Official CCPLZ G Banned

    but we can do an "event" :D ccplz meet in deme or kradia and stalk some nibs f3
  9. Ant3

    Ant3 Well-Known Member

    Just must be level 25 to do that o.O
  10. Fury

    Fury <marquee><font color="#FFBF00"><b>Official CCPLZ G Banned

    in gms they was able to make a party at any level
    doesnt it work for fames/report a use too?
    for ems o_O
  11. lolumad

    lolumad Banned Banned

    You can only give hackpoints from level 20 o.O

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