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Selling (GMS) Lvl 193 Drk account Scania! 2m range buffed + lots of vanity items~

Discussion in 'Accounts' started by Bwablez, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. Bwablez

    Bwablez New Member

    Hello I'm a member on Gamersoul but I also came here to check out the EMS community! I'm selling my GMS MS account. Thank you!

    Please leave offers here or PM me.

    Accepting: Paypal Gift (trusted only), Paypal MyCash, MoneyPak, Western Union

    Middleman will be used at buyer's discretion and payed by them.

    Account mains a Drk with a good range. Attack range can be found in the picture below. The range will be higher too since the pictures do not show the range with secondary pendant equipped (account comes with secondary pendant though) and dojo gloves. I'm not playing maple as much as I did before, so I'm looking to just make a quick sale on this account. I rather sell the account as a whole, but I'm willing to sell items off individually if the price is good enough. If the account is bought as a whole, the buyer will obviously get a discount. This account is great for someone looking to get back into the game, try a new class that is already funded, or just to resell the items off individually. This account is not pre-blocked.

    The account also features a few lvl 100s, and a 166db.

    There are a lot of vanity items on this account too: (even might have missed some)

    Orchid’s bw shoes
    Orchid bunny
    White combat tunic
    Memorial angel
    Raspberry candy tshirt
    Honeybee antenna
    Aurora angel wings
    White combat veil
    Nox cherubim wings
    Pink cat hood x2 ( 1 used, 1 unused)
    Neon pink pants
    Halloween leopard shoes
    tedtacular bearingtons
    green sports goggles
    superstar mirror ball
    starfall magic square
    dark seraphim
    aviator shades
    one summer night overall
    goblin fire
    black duster
    angel’s ribbon
    xenon neo-tech shoes
    heart pounding lipgloss
    bloody Jeanne
    frisky cat tail
    intergalactic gloves
    bloody garter
    perm transparent hat
    amorian aura ring
    red rose chat ring
    red rose label ring
    stylish iron
    perm allergic reaction
    chamomile tea time
    pink elephant slippers
    faraway earring
    xenon neo-tech gloves
    pink teru cape
    Persian cat w/ meso+hp potion pot
    Magic herb teaspoon
    Full chicaroo set w/ wep and cake
    Please PM me or reply with any comments, questions, or concerns. The email, password, pin, and security question will be provided after purchase and buyer will be responsible.

    Equipment Gallery:

    Unbuffed range:

    Buffed range:

    C/O: A/W: TBD
  2. remordimientoHack

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    are u there?

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