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Europe Hacking/Botting for beginners!

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Roel, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. Roel

    Roel Well-Known Member


    Hi, i am making this guide because when i started 2 or 3 days ago i found that all of these guides werent a huge help..

    First of all, you will need to know a few things for basic botting.

    Injecter - This is where it all starts with, the injecter combines the hacks to the maplestory launcher. Without this you cant get the hacks to work.

    (Auto)Loot - Pretty simple, loots for you.

    Autopot - This pots for you, comes in handy alot. PS: Whenever u start up a bot with autopotter, check the point at wich it pots, and adjust it.

    Kami - This is a kind of teleport hack, that teleports you next to a random mob in the map, and attacks it. This replaces walking from mob to mob and speeds up the process, a lot.

    AutoCC- Also very useful, especially when you are afk. It automaticly Changes Channels whenever it has noticed that someone else has entered the map, or after a certain amount of time.

    AutoAttack - Attacks for you. Mostly it only works with the Ctrl button (default attack button), and therefore uses 1 skil during the botting.

    Bypass - The bypass distracts Nexons anti bansystem (Hackshield) so that the hacks can get into the game. This is always neccesary to hack.

    These are all the tools you will need to know about for basic Botting/Hacking.

    Now here is where you could download my current botting setup.
    At the moment, as i have just started, i am using only 2 bots and it works just fine for me.

    Perfect Kami v64: http://localhostr.com/files/06a2f7/Kami.dll
    CrCBypass v63.3: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=QMM8GW79
    Winject: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BJ41NQMX

    The kami that is listed above, also serves other goals, such as Autopotting, Autoccing, Autoattacking, and Autolooting.

    When you have downloaded these programs its time to start botting.

    1. First of all, start your maplestory LAUNCHER, not the game itself. So do not press Play in the launching screen.
    http://img833.ImageShack is toxicus/img833/4440/pic1u.png

    2. Open up Winject (if you are running on Windows Vista, or Windows 7, run as administrator by rightclicking it)
    http://img248.ImageShack is toxicus/img248/5682/pic2pp.png

    3. Select maplestory.exe from the top dropdown box.
    http://img267.ImageShack is toxicus/img267/7172/pic3w.png

    4. Select the CrCBypass from the bottom dropdown box, and select Inject, then select Kami from the bottom dropdow box, and select Inject+.
    http://img840.ImageShack is toxicus/img840/9818/pic4q.png

    5. Close Winject itself, and click Launch/Play in the maplestory Launcher.
    http://img155.ImageShack is toxicus/img155/9457/pic5u.png

    6. Find a map that isnt empty alot, so that there is noone that can catch you hacking.
    7. Press Alt+Enter, so that Maplestory becomes windowed, if not already.
    8. Have your hp pots on Pageup, and your mp pots on Pagedown, and set at what amount the pot needs to replenishing your health and mana points, and then click Hook stats.
    9. Make sure your attack skill is on the Ctrl button.
    10. Tick on what i have ticked on in the picture below.
    http://img823.ImageShack is toxicus/img823/6730/pic6a.png

    ~ Tips ~

    Now that you can start botting, here are some tips that could help you on your way.

    - Make sure you always have enough potions to last the time you want to bot. Running out of potions means death, means loss of exp!
    - Make sure you always have room for the drops, and im not talking about the ETC drops. Most of the time thats not a big loss, but the equips and scrolls count.
    - If you have alot of active friends, it is not recommended to start botting, as after a while people will wonder why you "afk" so much, and track you down. I myself have made an second character to bot for money, so my main character can level semi-legit, godly style.
    - It can be hard to farm a map that has an individual higher level mob, along with the lower level mobs. For example, the iron pig in pig beach. If you are botting in a map with the iron pig you might find yourself continously attacking (Missing) him for 15 minutes, buring alot of pots and valuable training time. Therefore if you know that a individual higher level mob might spawn in the map, check if it has spawned already when you are starting to bot, and if it spawned check other channels. Although it would be optimate if you trained on a map without such mob.
    - If you just started an character, even if its only lvl 25, try to keep your armor up to date. As it saves alot of touch damage, and reduces the pot costs.
    - When botting with an character that requires minimum range to attack (Assassins, Nightwalkers, Archers and Windbreakers, you might want to edit the kami setup.
    When using the kami that i recommended, you will notice 2 value boxes behind the Kami hack. The first one is for Horizontal range, wich means the higher that number, the further away of the monster it will be when attacking. The second one, is the Vertical range. If this is a positive value (1, 5, 10) the character is lifted from the ground, above the monster. However, if this is a negative value (-1, -5, -10), the character will sink in the ground, whilst attacking the monster. I also found that when using an character with an big range, such as aran, that if you put the first value at 50, and the second value at -50, you will only take damage, when the monster is jumping, so that u raise to ground level and touch another or the same monster. However, this may vary per map.

    ~ Mini Guide to making an Bank Account ~

    This little guide will teach you how to go all out hacking on your unvaluable accounts, while not getting your legitimate accounts banned.
    If you are interested in starting botting, but dont want to risk your main character, this is what you do.

    Make an new account (This link wil be very helpful, a temporary emailadress: http://10minutemail.com/10MinuteMail/), and just farm farm farm there. Once it is in lvl 4x / 5x you can start hunting monsters that really drop some worthy items.

    It is suggested that you transfer at the end of each day, so that all the valuable stick with your legitimate account.

    Transfering isnt that hard, i have done it before by just dropping it in a place where noone ever comes. For instance,

    Sleepywood Sauna Potshop Espa?ol 1 & 2. Rarely people ever come here.

    I have used 10 summoning bags around sleepywood mains town at Espa?ol 2 yesterday, and at the end of that day all the mobs where still alive. I think this really proves it.
    Because who wouldn't kill a monster in that situation, just for fun.

    ~ Training Spots ~

    These spots are mostly of my own experience as a brawler, both pv1 and multimobbing.

    0-10 - Snails, directly east of Lith Harbor gets u to level 10 in.. 15 minutes?

    10-15 - Slime tree, if you can find an empty channel.

    15-21 - Pig beach, of course. As mentioned before, check if an iron pig spawned in the map you are gonna bot.

    21-25 - Kerning PQ. The Squishy shoes are really nice, and wont be replaced untill you find shoes for at least lvl 50-60.

    20-30 - Minidungeon @ Sleepywood: Zombies and Hornys. This is for if you dont want to pq, and just bot. These hornys also have an small chance of dropping maple weapons, wich are worth quite some mesos.

    25-30 - Subway PQ. I havent got the opportunity to try this for myself, but it seems good exp and rewards from what i have heard, however, it is not bottable.

    30-35 - The Jr. Cellions, Jr. Grupins and Jr. Lioners have always been a populair training spot, because of the easy exp and the great mesos for their level. Even though it is quite an hotspot, there are about 6 maps filled with these creatures, so it might be easy to find an empty channel to bot in.

    30-40 Cold Eyes, in the area that is accessed trough an hidden portal in one of the doors of sleepywood houses. EDIT: THIS PLACE IS OFFICIALLY TAGGED AS GM ACTIVE. ACCOUNTS HAVE BEEN PERM BANNED HERE.

    30-50 - Carnival PQ 1, the best exp from lvl 30 to 50. Plus, when picking up all the coins, u can buy an Spiegelmanns Necklace, that gives 1/1/1/1 if clean avg, and upgradeable to +90 HP and MP. And, even better, u can buy weapons from lvl 30-50 from spiegelmann, using the maple coin. If you are going to do this, i suggest u to get a group of 4 people, and do tradewins 2v2.

    40-50 - Pyramid PQ, this is nice exp as well (around 75k exp per 15 minutes), and the rewards vary from pots for your lvl, to scrolls going up to 7m each. ( I got about 1 60% attack scroll each 150 boxes, but then again that i smy own experience.)

    ~ Credits ~

    To Tequila, i guess. Because i took the download links, mentioned in his/her Botting tutorial.

    To FirenX, for coming up with the idea of an temporary email account. Thanks!

    ~ Authors Last Words ~

    Make sure that you never, EVER bot on the same account as where your main stack (Money) is, or your legit account might you have some. Because characters, dont get banned, accounts get banned. Take this is an advice.

    I hope this guide helps out people in their first botting steps. This is my first guide, and i hope you appreciate it.

    More is coming soon, and i want your opinions on the training spots too!

    BTW: Just got banned at Coldeyes while writing this tutorial!
  2. FirenX

    FirenX New Member

    Very Nice =D good work on that ... This one will help some ppl new to hacking alot.
  3. pichka2

    pichka2 New Member

    Very good job , Sticky this plz =)
  4. Benn

    Benn Well-Known Member

    Now thats a guide :P everything you to know

  5. Roel

    Roel Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the nice feedback!! I am thinking of adding a new section that covers Fake Autobans, autobans, and when a gm actually caughty you hacking.. Does anyone have screenshots of that?

    And i would also like to increase the list of training spots as people struggle with that alot. And a list of where to train for some quick mesos!
  6. FirenX

    FirenX New Member

    well.. that gm caught you pic wont be easy.. most of the time the use the skill "hide" so they are invisible to us... I dont think they will pop out staying next to you and saying "GM: Yooo Dude! Wuzz up? Hacking eh?, well have fun in MapleHell kthxbaibaibuynx."
    about autobans.. well I think most of the ppl new to hacking will discover them faster as they want to...So it would be rly nice to wright a list where it tells what hacks in wich Version of ems actually d/c a/b so threads like " OmgawdZ mah hackz alwayz d/C after 5 Minitzzz But i just use xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxx..xxxxxx.xxxx.x.x.xxxxxx.xxxx.xxxx." wont come up so much...

    anyways good work keep up with it =D
  7. Screen.

    Screen. nou Retired

  8. Roel

    Roel Well-Known Member

    I will download the pack in a second, thanks Screen.,

    @Firenx, unless i use edarktrainer, i dont get any problems with my Perfect kami and CrC bypass, unless a gm catches me, or someone enters the map im in (when i have auto cc at 1 person on)
  9. FirenX

    FirenX New Member

    sure i didnt meant U on detail.. i was just saying there are plently of threads where ppl asking of help cuz of a/b d/c and this threads looks just like i said on my last post^^
    u could make a list like

    EMS V 0.64

    xxx d/c after a while
    xxx Save
    xxx Save
    xxx a/b
    xxx f/ab after 5 min.

    something like that was on my mind ..
  10. Roel

    Roel Well-Known Member

    One more question, i have got my account banned. But this is the first time i have been banned, how do i see if it is 30 day ban or perm ban? Because i was on a spanish langauge at the time.

    When i try to login to maplestory it gives me this blue window.. Does that clarify wich ban i have?

    And what should i do if i cant remember the password of an old account of mine, and i dont remember the birthday/month/year with wich i have signed up either?

    I tried making an new emailadress for making a new account, but Hotmail gave me this message saying that i had exceeded the number of email adresses that you can create on 1 day.. (haven't made any lol)
  11. Roel

    Roel Well-Known Member

    @Fire, i wouldn't mind making that, although atm i cant try anything out. Do you have an botting setup that doesnt DC's or AB's you? Then feel free to post it.

    BTW! I have found great letter spots for Kami / CrCbypass. The 1 screen next to lith harbor, or the map where Mano spawns (Thicked around the beach III). Snails drop em like crazy, and there is noone even around lith harbor in spanish channels.
  12. FirenX

    FirenX New Member

    Well if u got a 30 day bann there is a date somewhere on the text if theres no date on the text u got a perm.

    I always use the same bday on my acc's or wright them somewhere down... U can get ur old pw back on the maplesite just clikc "forgot PW" and they will send it to the mail u regeistred with~

    as for creating new acc's just use http://10minutemail.com/10MinuteMail/ but remember u wont get anything back with this sort of mail .. just use 10minmail for hacking acc's use normal mail addy's for legits ~
  13. Roel

    Roel Well-Known Member

    Thanks, great idea.

    Btw i hope you dont mind i used the email service link in a new part of my guide, you are listed in the credits section :)
  14. lolumad

    lolumad Banned Banned

    Vouch 4 sticky.
  15. FirenX

    FirenX New Member

    Y should I mind? ^^ I'm here to get help and to give help
  16. Daansjoe

    Daansjoe Well-Known Member

    wtf? lvl 35-50 cpq? hmm i thought thid was a hacking guide?
  17. Roel

    Roel Well-Known Member

    This is a botting / hacking guide. And i noted there that you cant bot/hack in it, but it IS faster than botting. And some people take time to get their character to level 50 in that way.

    Besides, it said Training spots.
  18. FirenX

    FirenX New Member

    it IS faster indeed.. but just for some classes .. like Sins,Archers and attack type's like that .. if u got an aran or a striker stick with ur hacking from 40-50 should be faster
  19. Roel

    Roel Well-Known Member

    Hmm true. Although sometimes u just wanna play legit :P

    Besides, Pypq seems pretty fast and safe exp right?

    I dont see how u can get banned for botting there.. except maybe the kami part.

    Plus with about 1 scroll an hour thats decent money, right?
  20. Roel

    Roel Well-Known Member

    BTW: How do i get Double Swing and Third Swing to work while botting?

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