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Europe Hacking Screenshot Section =P

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by DarkSpace, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. DarkSpace

    DarkSpace Well-Known Member Coder

    http://img204.ImageShack is toxicus/img204/3347/lollm.png

    and i play legit in window mode while haxing on 2 accounts! HA!
    show us your hacking screenshots
  2. nibatti

    nibatti Well-Known Member

    Nice one im trying to install virtual xp and bot with 1 and play legit at the other :).
  3. DarkSpace

    DarkSpace Well-Known Member Coder

    vmware + xp has some graphic issues.
    for me anyway.

    windows 7 works fine as a virtal pc. but takes shytload of ram =P
  4. Subarashii

    Subarashii Well-Known Member

    How much RAM do you have?
    And how much bit is your W7?
  5. jeroened

    jeroened Active Member


    im srry i shouldnt ask this i think but how does vmware works i got 1 but dont get it to work
  6. DarkSpace

    DarkSpace Well-Known Member Coder

    i got 6GB ram running 64bit on all 3 win7's

    vmware windows7 is running on 1GB ram each.

    you install an OS onto it and run it like a computer within a computer.
  7. Harmy

    Harmy mr. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Hmm, my laptop has 3 gig ram, would you recommend using it?

    I'm on windows 7, and my laptop has overheated a lot in the past, would installing vmware and running maple on that make my laptop even hotter causing it to overheat more?
  8. DarkSpace

    DarkSpace Well-Known Member Coder

    yeah vmware uses alot of proccess power and alot of ram also. so it would create more heat.
    with 3gigs and at least 2.1ghz processor you wouldnt have much problems running 1vmware and regular maple
  9. Harmy

    Harmy mr. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Ah thank you, btw, does a lot of overheating mess your laptop up? My bro said if your laptop over heats too many times it'll eventually not turn on and just burn out. =/
  10. QQII

    QQII Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that happened to mine.
    I put my new one on two big books leaving a gap in the middle.
    And get a fan to blow the bottom bit.
    It helps a bit. Mainly for hacking I use my desktop.
  11. Ex10Ded

    Ex10Ded New Member

    Hm, I just tried VMware Workstation 7.1.1 and installed windows XP. My computer host is Win7 32bit.
    Ofcourse this (as many know) gives the white screen thing.. But your saying that if I install win7 on my VMware workstation it'll work?

    Or would I need VMware player or.. what do you recommend.. >>
  12. Jett

    Jett Ravy's Lover, Shinso's Bitch. Donor

    I post my Hacking Screenshot soon :3
    http://img340.ImageShack is toxicus/img340/6343/unavngivet44.png
  13. Harmy

    Harmy mr. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Can you do other stuff while windows 7 is installing on vmware?

    I might do this soooon lol!
  14. Jett

    Jett Ravy's Lover, Shinso's Bitch. Donor

    ... What do you mean by other stuff? o.o, and it is done installing now :3.
  15. DarkSpace

    DarkSpace Well-Known Member Coder

    installing windows 7 will fix the white screen. ^^
    vmware player or normal vmware are the same thing. i just use vmplayer because i can open more than 1 at the same time, loading 2 or 3 vmwares on 1 screen. while vmware comes with tabbed windows. so i need to click through them to see them =P
    yes you can do other stuff while installing windows on vmware =P
    vmware is like another pc running within your pc. so yea you can do what ever you want.
    (assume your pc can handle vmware + other "stuff")
  16. molukku

    molukku New Member

  17. jujoz

    jujoz New Member

    maybe you should rename it to VMware screenschot section =P
  18. DarkSpace

    DarkSpace Well-Known Member Coder

    was suppose to be screenshots of how you hax. not multi ms hacking section =D

    but whatever xD
  19. Jett

    Jett Ravy's Lover, Shinso's Bitch. Donor

    I did only post my Vmware window because i was installing, and then i did see this thread :p, Posting In This Post In 1 Min.
  20. Onurrr

    Onurrr Well-Known Member

    can i has vmware plox? :D

    no seriously i cant find a place to download this for free <_<

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