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Europe Hacksheild 0x00010501 Error

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Qina, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Qina

    Qina Well-Known Member

    hey, since EMS forums is useless and no1 actually posts how 2 fix it i mite ask u pro ppl.

    since this patch i am getting this:
    hackshield: hacking threat detected (0x00010501)

    any1 else getting this
    any1 know how 2 fix it?
    i cant even log in for 5minutes i jst dc with that error.
    im not even using hacks or anything, just maplestory on its own
  2. have u edited the .wz files before? try uninstalling, deleting the whole root nexon folder in program files then re install and make sure no programs are running ie CE or anything
  3. iownnoobz

    iownnoobz Well-Known Member

    Restart your computer and then run maple as an admin
  4. Qina

    Qina Well-Known Member

    Urm. I already tried fully reinsralling maple and running admin but it didt help. Trned off AV aswel didnt help. B4 patch i fould play fine even with or without hax. But this patch fked everythin up
  5. Qina

    Qina Well-Known Member

    Bump. I even uninstalled my AV so i have no AV but i still get this error.
    Please can anyone help me
  6. Qina

    Qina Well-Known Member

    any1 im still getting this error
  7. maikels13

    maikels13 New Member

    yes me too

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