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Europe [Help] hey guys does No jump ab ?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by pichka2, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. pichka2

    pichka2 New Member

    any answer is appreciated
  2. NonLeaf

    NonLeaf Well-Known Member

    Wrong section, it gives some fake a/b sometimes..
  3. pichka2

    pichka2 New Member

    ok Ty :) i didn't know sry
  4. Subarashii

    Subarashii Well-Known Member

    Depends, which hacks you're using it with!
  5. Scum 5436

    Scum 5436 Banned Banned

    It a/b's if you jump yourself, it will f/a/b after a while of botting, auto cc or don't use it.
    Also this should be posted in hacking discussions ;P
  6. Harmy

    Harmy mr. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    nice release :)
  7. Subarashii

    Subarashii Well-Known Member

    Post whore, you just randomly said something... He didn't even release anything XD
  8. Ation

    Ation s. mod Moderator Donor

    Nah, this must be a release because this is at "EMS Hacks & Downloads". :)
    In other words, wrong section.
  9. xMatt

    xMatt New Member

    It's true that it will a/b when you jump, but it wont fake a/b after a while.
    If you use it on monsters that dont jump, you'll get f/ab.
    if using on jumping monsters, its 100% fine.
  10. iCharge

    iCharge Member

    This. I can easily bot overnight using No Jump without auto cc (ofc. I use anti-people auto cc). Btw I did jump sometimes when I forgot to untick No Jump, didn't get me an AB o_O

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