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Europe [help] This is not a registered ID

Discussion in 'Europe MapleStory General Discussion' started by Alternify, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Alternify

    Alternify ~Signed

    When i try login ems i get This is not a registered ID. please try again later
    but i can login on site and it shows my character.. and i ahve restarted ems 5 time snow o_0

    The window looks like this:

    Does anyone else have this problem??

    sorry if i posted in wrong section
  2. NonLeaf

    NonLeaf Well-Known Member

    I'm not having any problems. Just send a ticket or re-verify caps o.o
  3. Tr!n!ty

    Tr!n!ty Banned

    i got this problem too
  4. Alternify

    Alternify ~Signed

    i have teted 6-8 times... and i can login on 2 of 5 accounts.... i told my friend to login on that account and it worked, but then he tested again 10se clater and said same....
  5. Alternify

    Alternify ~Signed

    glad its not only me :O
  6. janijanijani

    janijanijani Well-Known Member

    try changing info of the char, what will happen to our zakum run :(?
  7. Alternify

    Alternify ~Signed

    i will come online as fast as i can :O

    and just changed password...

    maybe nexon payback for me using the user gm bug :llort cipe:
  8. PWNabc

    PWNabc Well-Known Member

    Might be exactly that (you had the "USER GM" on all the accs you can't login to)
  9. Alternify

    Alternify ~Signed

    no i only had it on one of the accounts
  10. JediGovna

    JediGovna Banned

    got special chars in username ?
  11. Alternify

    Alternify ~Signed

    no, where online 20-40 mins ago
  12. PWNabc

    PWNabc Well-Known Member

    Nexon fails again :RAEG: well you can only wait, and if you did NXfraud (check my sig what it means.. )
  13. Alternify

    Alternify ~Signed

    but then it should say it was banned??
  14. Tr!n!ty

    Tr!n!ty Banned

    it does work at me i typed something wrong.
    Well got numbers or y or Z in your ID?
  15. Alternify

    Alternify ~Signed

    i got z
  16. PWNabc

    PWNabc Well-Known Member

    Nope they just delete the account.. but you get to know it few hours before in game. (I sent EOI and it was kinda rude imo:
    "You have used Nexon cash without paying it. Total amount of euros used on Nexon Cash 8130 euros /// Paid: 30euros. Your account will be deleted for NXfraud. Sorry"
  17. Alternify

    Alternify ~Signed

    no i have paid for all my nx!
  18. Happy

    Happy CCPLZ Donor

    You think they were rude? You fucking stole 8100 euros of them.
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  19. Alternify

    Alternify ~Signed

    dude what happens if i have an z?
  20. ikbengekha

    ikbengekha Old and cripple.

    did you used 8k on nx cash, without paying? That they didn't take you to court ^^.

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