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Discussion in 'Discussion' started by ruenba, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. ruenba

    ruenba New Member

    Hai all

    I need help! I'm currently botting with E-Dark trainer and AzunyanBot.
    When i auto attack and UBER vac at Azunyan, I get a 1month ban in 10min or less.
    But if i use crazy vac they dont shoot at me.
    Where i need help is with this, at this vid you see the guy Teleporting from monster to monster and killing them.
    How to get that and other shit to dont get banned with UBER vac.?

    Thanks! Ruenba

    Btw, Shud i keep using that 2 bots? im trying to bot an aran. Keep these 2 or get another/drop one?
    And i cant get kami running, when i inject it says its open, but then i dont find it. it doesnt appear.
    Or can someone give me a guide with what to use yes and not and banning warnings and how to use them?
  2. BeKo

    BeKo Member

    First of all ... i think UBER vac (azunyanbot) auto bans ... i never tested it.

    U need an injector - For example "Winject"
    start winject as administrator if u use W7/Vista
    i recommend you the "IBotYou Trainer" because it auto injects the dll files.
    u have to click on the image of syringes and there u can add any dll file which u want to inject if u start Maplestory
    Download the Kami bot ... the thread is called "[Release] v63d Perfect Kami Bot! -UPDATED, No crash!- -Aran&Mage air check- "
    U add the "Kami.dll" file to your auto injector in IBotYou ..
    Now u may start Maplestory but dont forget to start IBotYou as admin with W7/Vista
    If u are ingame tick the "aran aircheck" + Enable Kami and read the ibotyou thread for the settings

    gl hf
  3. ruenba

    ruenba New Member

    Well about the Injectors i knew, im using winject.
    But when i inject the Kami file the bot doesnt appear.
    When i move with cursor at the maple logo in bar under in screen it shows all bot, kami too.
    But when i click kami...nothing, it doesnt appears, it doesnt closes.
    I'm always opening winject as admin cuz running Win7.

    Anyone knows except Uber vac, a way to grind, crazy vac sux.
    And in the youtube movie u see hes teleporting and killing, I'd like to have that too.
  4. Klaffen

    Klaffen ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) Donor

    kami = you teleport to the monsters and kill it.
    im not realy sure why you cant Find kami when injected it :o if you use alt - enter try to look Under the maplestory window
  5. ruenba

    ruenba New Member


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