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Europe How does pin typer works?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by fre024, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. fre024

    fre024 Banned Banned

    I still use pin unrandom.
    Because i have no idea how i use pin typer.
    Could someone give me a short explenation plz.

  2. mageboys

    mageboys iPlayNaked Donor

    u can type with the buttons if im not mistaken instead of pressing the little icons on the pin menu you can just use the numbers on the keyboard
  3. fre024

    fre024 Banned Banned

    oh, that was what i tought so.
    But I use a laptop and it does not work on a laptop ?
    ( i ddi try and failed)
  4. Twister

    Twister Well-Known Member

    What you need to do is you need to close the pin thing(where you can tick the numbers you need) and then just type it, for example 0000.
  5. Ant3

    Ant3 Well-Known Member

    Close the 'Pin keyboard' or the 'Soft keyboard' as Twister said.
  6. PleaseFood

    PleaseFood Well-Known Member

    its not working for me too

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