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Tutorial How to use FMA without D/C , even Crash

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by D3singeR, Jun 28, 2012.

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  1. D3singeR

    D3singeR Well-Known Member

    Hey ,

    In this tutorial I ll show you how to use FMA without D/C .
    I hope you will understand my tutorial and you will learn how to use FMA.

    Needed tools for this tutorial :
    [MOBY BYPASS-Lastest Version]
    [ATI BOT - Lastest Version]

    Tutorial 1:
    "How to enable moby bypass"
    To have working bypass you will need to do this(also after every update)
    You will need to stay online for 20-30 min with "normal" hackshield , so hackshield will generate log , which bypass uses this to emulate key.
    Tutorial 2:
    "How to install *.dll files into injector"
    Its simple , when you download Castorama Injector folder , and when you open , you will see 2 folders.
    Folder named "Modules" is place where you put dlls.
    Tutorial 3:
    "How to sucessfully inject Ati Bot in game"
    If you want sucessfully injected "Any Hack.dll" you will need to follow my steps.
    1.Open MapleStory till "Selection where you press start". (BUT DONT PRESS IT YET)
    2.Then Open "Castorama.exe" and dlls will be injected.
    Tutorial 4:
    "How to use FMM without D/C or Crash"
    After this 3 tutorials , its final one for making you happy.
    When dll. is injected in game and when you logged in you will have to do next steps.
    Click on "Hook" in AtiBot , that will enable to use Auto Potter.
    Next Press "Characther" then, mark next Boxes:
    1.Full Map Attack
    2.Unlimited Attack
    3.CPU Hack
    After that is done press "Auto Bot" then , mark next Boxes:
    1.Auto attack (Set random Delay-I use 50ms) Req Mob: 1
    2.Auto Skill (Set keys to enable ur skills , set random duration of re-casting skills,buffs)
    3.Auto HP , Auto MP (Random Values)
    4.Auto CC - Set Auto CC 1 people
    5.Auto CS - Set Delay 30-45 sec.

    FAQ:(If you got any error ask here/via PM so I will try to help you)
    Q:"Cannot attach to process", so that doenst work.

    if i don't hook it, it wont freeze, but close. This message pops up `HackShield : Hacking thread detected (0x0001075)`
    A:Redownload Moby , and Put it in "Hack Shield" Folder , and It will work .

    Walrus - For releasing Castorama
    [D.R.T] , Moose - For making Bypass
    Ation - For making AWESOME BOT , tnx ;)
    Me - For this tutorial.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2012
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  2. viciousboss33

    viciousboss33 braindead cretin Donor

    Wasn't it supposed to be "FMA"? Also, nice release :3
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  3. D3singeR

    D3singeR Well-Known Member

    Fixed , Tnx .
  4. JD

    JD Pi-ka-boo Donor

    You forgot about the part that you require decent internet connection.
    I've used my own settings at my moms house, and the exact same settings at my dads house.
    Result: Moms house, botted for hooouuuurs without any trouble.
    Dads house, dc'ed every 10-15 minutes.

    Btw, my advice on preventing bans, is use as few hacks as possible.
    The more hacks you use the higher the chance of a potential ban.

    ohh and btw btw, why the hell do you use unlimited attack when you cc/cs ever 35/40 seconds.
    There's no use for that whatsoever, you use unlimited attack when you spam attacks for more than 60 seconds without cc/csing.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the fact that you've brought out a guide on how to use fma to it's fullest potential, but it's somewhat flawed.

    I've botted from 30 to 160 with these settings:
    Took me a total of 4 and a half day to get to 160 (with 2x exp that is)
    aimed at mobs that were around 7-10 levels higher than me, for maximum effect exp/damage wise.

    Hope that this could be a nice addition to your guide (:
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  5. noobhaxor

    noobhaxor Well-Known Member

    Change timed auto cc to auto CS and add cpu hack and it's just perfect :-)
  6. AutoAssemble

    AutoAssemble 「空白」は負けない Moderator Dedicated Donor

    this is all obvious for anyone who isn't a compleate idiot, but I guess you have to spell it out sometimes.
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  7. Rock

    Rock Well-Known Member

    I dc as soon as I attack once with FMA enabled. :-S
  8. RpwSteenwijk

    RpwSteenwijk Official MM Donor

    Thx for alling me an Complete Idiot :D this thread made me get it :D

    EDIT: Maple gets stuck after clicking auto-bot, any solution?
  9. D3singeR

    D3singeR Well-Known Member

    Hmm, you followed my steps at full ?
  10. RpwSteenwijk

    RpwSteenwijk Official MM Donor

    yes, are u sure to "hook" first?
  11. JD

    JD Pi-ka-boo Donor

    I personally have experienced some trouble using auto cs, everytime I leave the CS with atibot, I get some kind of error.
    CPU hack is only needed if you're using a computer that is somewhat "outdated" for maple hacking.
    But yea, for those who are fond of auto CS, it's probably a good option (:
    Same goes for those who experience better gameplay with CPU hack.

    Btw, should I make a guide on Cannoneer hacking :3? yes r noo
  12. RpwSteenwijk

    RpwSteenwijk Official MM Donor

    Yes, for noobs like me xD
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  13. JD

    JD Pi-ka-boo Donor

    I guess I'll just try to make a nice "detailed" guide on how I got from 30 to 160 myself ^^
  14. Randomness

    Randomness New Member

    I would be very glad for a guide :)
    Im doing one atm and i am at lvl 68
    sometimes its hard to find perfect spots :/
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  15. D3singeR

    D3singeR Well-Known Member

    I do "Hook" First every time botted straight 13 hours , Now I am 107 lvl , NO D/C , no Crash
  16. RpwSteenwijk

    RpwSteenwijk Official MM Donor

    My maple shuts down after a maximum of 10seconds using this bot T_T
  17. D3singeR

    D3singeR Well-Known Member

    I am using windows xp 32 bit -.-
  18. RpwSteenwijk

    RpwSteenwijk Official MM Donor

    Using windowns 7 32bit here
  19. D3singeR

    D3singeR Well-Known Member

    Hmm try inject after char selection
  20. noobhaxor

    noobhaxor Well-Known Member

    I think not, it's kind of not diffirent from any other job, and we already got tons.
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