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Europe I/L or FW ?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by CabananZa, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. CabananZa

    CabananZa Well-Known Member

    You heard me..

    it's like freggin ps3 and xbox360 or Mac and PC

    hahaha but seriously FW or I/L ? ♥:F11:
  2. Harmy

    Harmy mr. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    You wanna get to 200 or 120?

    120 = Flame Wiz
    200 = I/L

    Fast = I/L
    Fastest = Flame Wiz
  3. CabananZa

    CabananZa Well-Known Member

    Hahaha , wont get to lvl 200 , and there are like millions of lvl 120 KoC so that minimizes the chances of me getting banned right? Or am i wrong.. ?
  4. Paul

    Paul Well-Known Member

    Believe me, FW get banned just as fast as an I/L. My sweet 75 FW died yesterday.
  5. CabananZa

    CabananZa Well-Known Member

    Well i just thought it was pretty logical, but the GM's maybe has someother way. Well my goal is to get to lvl 100 by hacking.
  6. Totally

    Totally Well-Known Member

    how do u lvl a mage fast to lvl 30 for sec job ?
  7. CabananZa

    CabananZa Well-Known Member

    I do it in 1 hour in anttunnel. go there like lvl 19 then lvl to lvl 30 then go to lupin or summin.♥
  8. Benn

    Benn Well-Known Member

    Wow man thats really good. never been 1-30 within an hour. Might try that soon
  9. CabananZa

    CabananZa Well-Known Member

    Do it like 2 times a day hahah :D Letter farming for my dit hehe ♥
  10. Benn

    Benn Well-Known Member

    I dont see why thats funny... And why not just one character to farm, Only reason to start a new one was if he gets banned
  11. CabananZa

    CabananZa Well-Known Member

    They get banned after lvl 30 lol ♥
  12. Benn

    Benn Well-Known Member

    Thats because mini dungeons are hotspots right now
  13. Daansjoe

    Daansjoe Well-Known Member

    hes char gets banned at lvl 30-34....
  14. Benn

    Benn Well-Known Member

    I know he told me.

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