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Europe iBotYou V63

Discussion in 'Hacks & Downloads' started by Nickerian, Jul 30, 2010.

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  1. Nickerian

    Nickerian Well-Known Member Coder Donor

    iBotYou V3.3 is Now Released V63.4

    iBotYou will always just be a bot, it will never include a full vac or anything that could ban your account

    Picture of V3.3

    V3.3 - http://www.mediafire.com/?g73lziy9pcudou1

    Virus Scans
    Code (Text):
    2. [COLOR="Red"]Due the "ugly" virus scan you get by scanning the whole package i scan them one by one
    3. If the mod dosent like the scan from Dll_injection.dll the source can be shown[/COLOR]
    5. iBotYou.exe
    6. [URL="http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/66c0c7011fe0b0b3d4cd6e99a62c73305b5f80849be36d56fe92306c6232a5db-1280511760"]http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/66c0c7011fe0b0b3d4cd6e99a62c73305b5f80849be36d56fe92306c6232a5db-1280511760[/URL]
    8. MemoryReader.dll
    9. [URL="http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/4a9a875222501208e6cb520ad78347ced31bae0c48a68a8124e61ec229ee58d2-1280511766"]http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/4a9a875222501208e6cb520ad78347ced31bae0c48a68a8124e61ec229ee58d2-1280511766[/URL]
    11. CRCBypass.dll
    12. [URL="http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/7d31984fce752b3d1fac7abe1215f31718398d03f81e5d92ceebc9c833fff2ed-1280511784"]http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/7d31984fce752b3d1fac7abe1215f31718398d03f81e5d92ceebc9c833fff2ed-1280511784[/URL]
    14. Dll_injection.dll
    15. [URL="http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/d7c6e97d9b95f28fc635507bfe08aac3e93b1a562bfe46e472bc00ea0de768b2-1280511773"]http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/d7c6e97d9b95f28fc635507bfe08aac3e93b1a562bfe46e472bc00ea0de768b2-1280511773[/URL]

    Code (Text):
    2. Attack - [COLOR="Red"]CTRL[/COLOR]
    3. Skill 1 - [COLOR="Red"]Del[/COLOR]
    4. Skill 2 - [COLOR="Red"]End[/COLOR]
    6. HP - [COLOR="Red"]9[/COLOR]
    7. MP - [COLOR="Red"]0[/COLOR]
    8. Pill - [COLOR="Red"]8[/COLOR]
    10. CashShop - [COLOR="Red"]Q[/COLOR] // if using CS as UA

    How to use?
    Code (Text):
    2. 1.Start iBotYou
    3. 2.Start Maple
    5. Just tick the cheats you want to use
    6. Untick "ImGoing" when you want to start botting
    7. Tick "ImGoing" when you want to go buy pots and so on
    9. ImGoing enable/disable
    10. AutoAttack
    11. AutoSkill
    12. AutoPill
    13. AntiPPL
    14. MobSpeedUp
    15. NoJump
    16. FVac

    Dosent work?
    Code (Text):
    2. Close everything
    3. Go to C :\windows\prefetch
    4. Delete everything
    5. Open everything again
    8. [COLOR="Red"]Still dosent?[/COLOR]
    9. Check if your AntiVirus deleted/block Dll_Injection.dll
    Report to me if it dosent work (when your sure you have done the "dosent work steps)
  2. Harmy

    Harmy mr. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Well, everything works in there, but sometimes, i randomly die, even when my hp auto pot is set to something like 500, i mean i do my hacks or w/e i do for like 10-20 mins straight with no problems, and i randomly die sometimes.

    Why is this? :/

    I was wondering if it was something to do with the CC'ing or something?
  3. Subarashii

    Subarashii Well-Known Member

    Nice one again Nicke :)
  4. Pleazure

    Pleazure Well-Known Member

    Still Not Working for me.. But Nice Release Btw.
  5. SeNeco

    SeNeco Member

    Haha xDD
    Nice and this "Not made by Jakan" ^^
  6. Nickerian

    Nickerian Well-Known Member Coder Donor

    try untick "SafePot" or get better pots :)

    SafePot check if you already have taken 1 pot and ifyour HP dosent raise enought it wont notice so then it will wait until the "reset counter" is done before check if HP < HPValue
    if you dont have SafePot ticked it will check each sec and dont care if maple lagged so you would take 2 pots instead of one
  7. SirJafel

    SirJafel Guest

    Also, nicke is there something wrong with the autoCC after certain amounts of attacks? because mine just keeps CCing at 0 attacks xD even when i filled in 90, i also tried tweaking it abit.
  8. Nickerian

    Nickerian Well-Known Member Coder Donor

    i havent been using it so much at V63, i will take a look later playing diablo 2atm with my GF
    But last time i checked it did work fine
  9. SirJafel

    SirJafel Guest

    Ahh nvm, it works again :D something weird o.O maybe counter got stuck when i was messing with things... -.-'
  10. Subarashii

    Subarashii Well-Known Member

    She's a gamer? :O
  11. Nickerian

    Nickerian Well-Known Member Coder Donor

    ofcourse she is ;D

    Jafel@ good :)
  12. Subarashii

    Subarashii Well-Known Member

    Good job on that :P And btw, for making such trainers, what is best? C++ Or Delphi?
  13. SeNeco

    SeNeco Member

    Works 100%
    Thank you ;)
    Like all your Releases! TOP
  14. Subarashii

    Subarashii Well-Known Member

    :O And btw Nicke, is your trainer based on Variable AoB's or just on static Addy's ?
    Cuz if based on Static Addy's, it would be quite nice (for yourself) to make it on Variable AoB's, then 1) You don't have to update as much as you do now. 2) You will only have to add / remove hacks and such..
    And I think it would also be quite a challenge for you to do it :P
  15. Nickerian

    Nickerian Well-Known Member Coder Donor

    C++ ofcourse ^^, you wont find many lgs that better but if you start with something like Delphi it is hard to change

    it is static addys atm, i will probably make it aob based later on
  16. Subarashii

    Subarashii Well-Known Member

    Hmm allright, and reply to my 2nd post too please :P
  17. SirJafel

    SirJafel Guest

    If he makes it AoB based, ppl wont be dependant on him anymore :O
  18. Subarashii

    Subarashii Well-Known Member

    True, but I never said he should release it :P I think he should make it for himself to challenge himself! It's a great thing to learn I guess :P

    Well g2go now, 50 posts today, none spam I thought, not that bad?
  19. BeKo

    BeKo Member

    what does actually safe pot mean?
    and do i need auto cc/cs for the fvac or any other hacks like delayed bgm ...
    i dont think so, but i was using noobie bot before
  20. Nickerian

    Nickerian Well-Known Member Coder Donor

    Safe but checks your HP/MP when taking pots so it wont double pot, but it is slower
    if you should use it or not depends on which pots/Godmode you use

    you do not need to CC/CS while using any of the cheats in this Bot
    but you may need use it with the kinda botting methode you use

    lemming needs it, kami dosent
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