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Europe Idea vac

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by killer4all2, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. killer4all2

    killer4all2 Well-Known Member


    My though whas. Isn't it possible to make a timed dupex vac or something? Vac all the monsters to you then it automaticly turns off and as soon as you change channel the beast get vacced to you again.

    You can vac them to a little platform and use kami to kill them. You only need the dupex and spawn control.

    I dno if u wont get autobanned or if it's patched or d/c i dno But it's just some idea :)
  2. FirenX

    FirenX New Member

    I can remember that there was something like that .. dunno bout ems ..
  3. NonLeaf

    NonLeaf Well-Known Member

    Dupex A/B.
  4. Ation

    Ation s. mod Moderator Donor

    Timed Dupex is actually quite old idea.
  5. Harmy

    Harmy mr. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Overall its a good idea but this made me laugh lol, 'the beast'. XD
  6. mageboys

    mageboys iPlayNaked Donor

    kitterz has a video on gms of him using this hack and dupex clearly doesnt a/b as bizzaro trainer has a form of it thats working for gms,
  7. Ation

    Ation s. mod Moderator Donor

    The public Dupex scripts do AB, but of course those can be modified, as Bizarro did.
  8. Cuckoo

    Cuckoo Fuckeh Yuuu Donor

    lol some1 should kiss bizarros ass and make him release al his hacks but you can also use wz edit map shift it bans afther 30 mins but i dunno if it doesnt whenn you cc

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