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Europe Incubators with Packet Blocking

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by wanndi, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. wanndi

    wanndi Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,
    i ask myself mhh, why theres isnt a hack which u can get only good items by the incubators like always gfa or att claw
    So i think mhh its possible to block other things like ur dmg (im not really sure if we can do itxD)
    but why we cant block the 'bad' things from the incubators so that only the best equips,scrolls or chairs are left?
    so i wanna ask u is it possible to block the 'bad' things from the incubators?
    and if yes can somebody make hack for it or put the codes in which we have to delete or to change?
    greetz wanndixD
  2. mageboys

    mageboys iPlayNaked Donor

    isnt this server sided and its a random thing, in a item filter we dont block the items they still drop we cant see them on the account we use the script on, i dont think its possible
  3. wanndi

    wanndi Well-Known Member

    idk, yeah it's a random thing
    but i just thought to decrease the amount of things in the incubator sothat there just 3-5 things left,
    so the chance of getting an better scroll is higher
  4. whereismyhat

    whereismyhat Banned Banned

    Not possible. The server will only tell you what you get. You can fake that you got other eq, but it's no use.
  5. wanndi

    wanndi Well-Known Member

    mhh okay ty

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