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Release Injector Gadget 1.2

Discussion in 'Hacks & Downloads' started by Riukuzaki, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Riukuzaki

    Riukuzaki New Member

    Injector Gadget is the only injector (that I know of) with manual injection. This method of injection offers the highest level of stealth for injected DLLs. Using this, it is possible to inject into such games as WonderKing NA without the DLLs being detected.

    ** Injector Gadget is able to inject AFTER Hack Shield loads. This means you can inject into MapleStory SEA at any time. **

    Injector Gadget also offers the usual remote LoadLibrary that most other injectors use. To use this feature, disable the "Cloak DLL" checkbox. This method is less buggy and properly loads manifest information / MUI files (it makes injected DLLs "look better").

    Hack safer. Injector Gadget is one of the only injectors in the world that offers "DLL Cloaking" to help prevent cheat detection.
    Inject quickly. Injector Gadget has a "Process Watcher" that can watch for a process to start and inject into it within milliseconds. It also sports multi-threaded injection for blazing injection speeds.
    Inject many. Injector Gadget supports multiple DLL injection which lets you inject many DLLs all at the exact same time.
    Undetected. Injector Gadget is not (yet) detected by very many, if any, programs.
    Drag & Drop. Injector Gadget features a "drag & drop" for the DLL(s) to be injected. Simply drag the DLLs over the list of DLLs to be injected, and they'll be added to the list!
    Easy Process Selection. Injector Gadget sports an auto-refreshing process list that doesn't "lose its place" for your convenience (without the annoyances of a poorly written auto refresh). To the left of each process name is the process icon associated with that process.


    How to Use:
    Select the process you want to inject into from the list. You may need to refresh the list if you started Injector Gadget before the process. When selected, you should see the "PID" field fill in with the PID of the process. Click on Browse and select the DLL to inject. Disable "Cloak DLL" if you don't need the DLL to be cloaked. Click "Inject."

    Virus Scan:
    Jotti.org virus scan

    Direct Download (always up-to-date)

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  2. NebrazcaOnLine

    NebrazcaOnLine Well-Known Member

    It looks great!!
  3. SuperDamp123

    SuperDamp123 New Member

    Dam it keeps crashing every time i click inject :wtf:
  4. lukyyy222

    lukyyy222 Banned Banned Trade Ban

    yup crashed for me 2 every time i press inject
  5. spunge

    spunge Well-Known Member Retired

    If you're talking about manual mapping, it's not the only one in the world. Pretty old and known method. Also get that google ad shit out of there.
  6. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    lukyyy222 and SuperDamp123, you both realise this is in MSEA, right?
  7. lukyyy222

    lukyyy222 Banned Banned Trade Ban

    xD now i do :P
  8. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    No idea but I presumed they might be trying it for EMS, while it's posted in the MSEA section.
  9. horaneful

    horaneful Member

    I use this for eMS, it works wonderful
  10. S3NSA

    S3NSA back in black Administrator

    Cheers for clearing that up, Riukuzaki you should post it in both.
  11. jassino30

    jassino30 Member

    I dont know what i do wrong it keeps crashing could some 1 give me some info please:)
  12. Bygone

    Bygone Well-Known Member

    What was the reason of Update? :D whats new etc?

    gr ^^
  13. jassino30

    jassino30 Member

    bygone could u help me:)?
  14. Bygone

    Bygone Well-Known Member

    I always can try :D with what?
  15. jassino30

    jassino30 Member

  16. Lillen

    Lillen Active Member

  17. Riukuzaki

    Riukuzaki New Member

    @spunge Manual mapping is one of the three methods it uses, but it's not the method IG uses to get past Hack Shield's anti-injection stuff.
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  18. Pahvilaatikko

    Pahvilaatikko Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure which version i'm using, because I downloaded this from another site, but it works just great for me in EMS.
  19. Riukuzaki

    Riukuzaki New Member

    Sorry everyone. I had a brain fart and forgot to include the dll_helper.dll in the latest version. If you're experiencing crashes when injecting, please re-download and make sure you have dll_helper.dll.
  20. MrSilvanoo

    MrSilvanoo Well-Known Member

    Yeah it works now, thanks for updating!
  21. royoguy

    royoguy New Member

    what dll do i have to take there are more then 1000 dll`s in the list (browse)

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