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Europe is there a spwning cheat?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by kingrall, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. kingrall

    kingrall Member

    i has ben on this forum for awile and i has never seen anything like a spawning cheat for the mobs, i mean like, you set your caracter on a spot, you press a button, and voila, all the mobs spawn at that spot.
    That'd be nice.

    am not sure that it is a hack, but plzz tell me if there is.
  2. Daansjoe

    Daansjoe Well-Known Member

    i think there vas patched
  3. mageboys

    mageboys iPlayNaked Donor

    Bizzaro has a working one for GMS so im pretty sure it would work here
  4. Daansjoe

    Daansjoe Well-Known Member

    awsome can i find it for meh?
  5. Panete

    Panete CCPLZ Donor Donor

    Its on a special kind of vip on w8baby, you will need to pay to get on bizarro trainer section.
  6. atkspinzu

    atkspinzu Banned Banned

    script isnt available to public :/
  7. Cuckoo

    Cuckoo Fuckeh Yuuu Donor

    its like 30 euro LOL

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