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Europe Kami Mobbing?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by molukku, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. molukku

    molukku New Member

    Hello everyone,

    Its nice to see that the EMS hacking community is getting bigger :D

    I just started again and Im using Kami with a bowman, and the bowman uses a 1h Sword...
    I single hit the monsters, but at lvl 30 will I be able to multihit (bomb arrow/powerknockback) with Kami?
    Its pretty slow. a little bit more then 1lvl up per hour...

    Or do you recommend me to go hack with my ice mage?
    Its lvl 55...
    Will it be banned faster due to mob skill like Thunder, if I use it on stray dummies or something like that O.o
    *edit : with thunderbolt will i lvl more then 1 times an hour at places for my lvl O.o* sorry for asking

  2. mageboys

    mageboys iPlayNaked Donor

    it wont be banned faster due to using a mob skill no,
    although hacking in popular places might result in it?
  3. Twister

    Twister Well-Known Member

    No, you wont be banned quicker by using Bomb arrow, nor will you by using Thunder.
  4. xMatt

    xMatt New Member

    Even below level 30 you should use bow & arrows.
    Since the kami is updated, you can get 100% loot.
    Btw, it depends which place you go to get more than 1 level/hour.
    For Example, I gain a level every 1.5 hours at level 50, but my chance of getting banned is zero.
  5. Danny1994

    Danny1994 Likes to contribute Coder

    It seems like you didn't knew that theres a Anti-Air-Check in Dave's Kami Trainer.
  6. zoro

    zoro Donor

    why the hell are you using a sword as a bowman???
    str-only bowman for fun?
  7. molukku

    molukku New Member

    Because im stupid.
    I thought it would be almost as fast ...
    I used to "hack" with dupex Cengine, where you had to put in all those codes haha.
    But I was too dumb for range, so I used swords back in the day too O.o

    So you advice me to just arrowshoot instead? O.o I will try!
    I think it will be stronger xD

    Thanks for all the advice!
    This forum is really great!
    (Hackers/Hack users are nicer then the legit players now adays)
  8. zoro

    zoro Donor

    of course, since that's what bowmen were made for :-D
  9. mageboys

    mageboys iPlayNaked Donor

    lol swords untill level 30 ? god haha
  10. molukku

    molukku New Member

    I tried to do what everybody said.
    But I can't arrow shoot O__o with the ccplz Kami Perfect D:
  11. Scum 5436

    Scum 5436 Banned Banned

    you ticked all the Anti Airchecks?
    or have only the aran and mage been released?
  12. zoro

    zoro Donor

    ticked "auto ban" and "air check"?
  13. Ame92

    Ame92 New Member

    I don't think it works with archers too...
  14. Tunybob

    Tunybob Well-Known Member

    go ask davheed about that.
  15. Harmy

    Harmy mr. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Just tick kami, and then tick auto ban.

    It works >_>
  16. molukku

    molukku New Member

    It says TROLOLOLOLOL or something , D:
    It really doesnt work for me, mage does work but archer, no D:
  17. Fury

    Fury <marquee><font color="#FFBF00"><b>Official CCPLZ G Banned

    use the anti aircheck in hai2u works for archer
  18. Harmy

    Harmy mr. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Yeah that 'trolololol this hack does nothing' is just a joke, make sure you have arrow blow or w/e set to CTRL, make sure AUTO ATTACK is on, tick kami, and then tick auto ban, if not, download the latest version of kami cause obviously u must have some shit version if it isnt working for you.
  19. molukku

    molukku New Member

    Well it works now!
    Ive downloaded it again :D
    And it works like a charm!
    Ice mage didnt had the right equipment to hack xD

    But with arrow blow at lvl 1 it still lvls quite fast :D
    Ive been gone and lvled a few times so Im really happy.

    Mods you can close the tread before people bump it or something :)
    Because it works now :D

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