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Europe Keep dcing

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by viti, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. viti

    viti Member

    Im currently level 8x aran but i keep dcing.
    im using noobiebot: pvac, 50 sec godmode, mod speed up, mob disarm.
    and Kami.
    somebody knows the problem?
  2. NonLeaf

    NonLeaf Well-Known Member

    50 sec godmode from noobiebot
  3. Roel

    Roel Well-Known Member

    hmm try it without vac, vac is pretty much something that dcs regularly
  4. BeKo

    BeKo Member

    Many ppl wonder why they dc.
    I think the problem could be the mob knock back
    It causes a dc if a mob is knocked back into the "map end" ( left or right )
    Use "No Mob Kb" and the problem might be solved ...
    Pm me/Post your result
  5. FirenX

    FirenX New Member

    pvac is fine ~ well dont run with it or with mob speed that will cause d/c .. but since u are using kami it should be fine .. so its either mob disarm or the 50 sec godmode... dunno about noobiebot's 50 sec godmode .. hmm maybe there is some error in it that cause u the d/c
    but normally 50sec should be fine too... but try w/o it and than change to another bot ~
  6. Darko

    Darko <marquee><font color="#A300A3"><b>Officially the f Donor

    Best is, you use. Kami + 7miss godmode.. thats the most "D/C less" solution.
  7. ikbengekha

    ikbengekha Old and cripple. Donor

    Ive been using that, only the thing that d/c d me was no jump, so I disabled that ...
  8. Darko

    Darko <marquee><font color="#A300A3"><b>Officially the f Donor

    Well i mean, only Kami + 7miss not any other hacks.. (kami loot doesn't dc too)

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