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Europe maplestory error code -2147024882

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by killerplox01, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. killerplox01

    killerplox01 New Member

    maplestory error code -2147024882 ;

    anyone know a fix for this?
    Only been getting it recently.

    the full message is;

    Code (Text):
    1. error code : -2147024882 (Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.)
    My maple story works fine, apart from when i inject hacks/ run IBotYou.
  2. HolyHackz

    HolyHackz Member

    Do this happend when u come to the login screen?
  3. killerplox01

    killerplox01 New Member

    Once i select my character, it'll show the map, DC me, then comes up with this error message.
  4. King Virus

    King Virus Banned Banned

  5. killerplox01

    killerplox01 New Member

    Do you not think i have already tried that?
    i have not found any pages with relevance to my error code, hence why i came here.

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