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Release [MSEA]Bypassless DBLmaoTrainer V131.2-B[MagePG,GND/PG FMA]

Discussion in 'Hacks & Downloads' started by DarkBoy, Jul 1, 2013.

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  1. DarkBoy

    DarkBoy Well-Known Member Coder Donor

    Hi everyone, everyone can call me DBLmao/DarkBoy/LBDoam

    • Auto HP,MP,Attack,Loot,Auto Skills,Auto CC, Auto CS
    • DoJang Godmode - Allows user to get "Missed" by mob hit, after the amount of miss the user set,it will get hit once and restart the miss
    • Generic No Delay - Allows all melee and some magical attacks to attack without delays
    • Generic No Delay V2 - same as Generic No Delay but different Hooks
    • Full Map Attack -Allows User to use the following skills to attack full map
      List of Skills:
      • Chain Lightning
      • Any other skills requires Semi Item Vac(CAUTION! Will get you ban!)
    • Jump Down Anywhere
    • Logo Skipper - Skips the Nexon and Wizet logos when maple starts up
    • No Background
    • No Platform
    • No Object
    • No Cloud
    • Full God mode 1
    • Full God mode 2
    • Super Tubi
    • KB Mouse Fly
    • SS Mouse Fly
    • hotkey to SS/KB Mouse Fly (F8/F9)
    • Semi Item Vac(Follows Char position & Fix position)
    • No KnockBack
    • Item Filter
    • Updated Items ID V131.1 directly from WZ dumps
    • No Delay Emotion
    • No Skill Hit Animation
    • KnockBack Unlimited Attack(safest UA)
      Pwd: DBLmao
    • Mob Freeze - freezes the monster, monsters will still be able to attack you
    • Spawn Point Control - spawns the character at the desire place/position when ccing/csing
    • Automatic Logo Skipper
    • Kami & Vami - kami teleports the character to the monster position while vami flies your character to the monster position
    • SS & KB Mouse Fly
    • filter type option
    • Information tab
    • Auto CC/CS
    • Refresh Map
    • Minimize trainer to tray
    • Auto Chat(packet Based)(Buggy right now)
    • packet sender(single line & multi line)
    • Added Anti People - Limits GND,MouseFly,Kami,Vami people count to < 1 and disable hack
    • Perion FM Teleport
    • Suicide
    • Evan FMA

      <People Count Requirements>
      [+] Added Evan FMA now has a people count requirement, people count < 2 people
      [!] GND/PG FMA has people count requirement, people count < 1 people
      [!] Mage PG has people count requirement, people count < 2 people
      [!] ND Barrel Bomb and Wing Beath has people count requirement, people count < 2 people

      <Auto Bot>
      [!] Increased auto cc waiting time
      [!] Auto Skills now cooperates with Auto CC/CS
      [!] Improved Auto CS

      [+] Auto Aggro /MMC
      [+] Added GND/PG FMA
      [+] Added Unlimited Kaiser Morph
      [+] Added 50s Godmode
      [+] Added ND Barrel Bomb and Wing Beat
      [+] Added Disable Char Move
      [+] Added Unlimited Attack V2
      [+] Added Mage PG
      [+] Added Mouse Click Teleport
      [+] Added Full Mob Disarm
      [+] Added Jumping Unrandomg left/right
      [+] Added Instant Final Slash for Demon Slayer and kasier
      [+] Added Battle Mage(The Finisher) into NDFA
      [+] Added No CC BlueBox(Breath problems)
      [+] Added No Final Attack
      [!] Updated NDFA
      [!] Fixed Mob Freeze not working on some computers
      [!] Fixed NDFA disable & enable problems
      [!] Fixed GND V2
      [!] Fixed Evan FMA 1st and 2nd growth attack not attacking
      [!] Shorten some hack names, JDA = Jump Down Anywhere , UA = Unlimited Attack, FTF = Fall Through Floor
      [!] Increased SS Mouse Fly Delay to prevent DC

      <Teleport - Kami/Vami>
      [+] Added kami when Mob count is above certain number
      [+] Added TLIUTHM = Turn Left When Unable to Hit Mob
      [+] Manual Kami
      [!] Fixed some of the kami disconnect issue due to fail wall checks

      <Teleport - Otheres>
      [+] Added Left Right Character walk(Buggy)

      [+] Added Recv Log
      [+] Added Recv Block/Ignore

      [+] Added ChangeLog
      [+] Added EXP Timer
      [+] Rand Mouse [F10] - moves the mouse cursor to random coordinate of the screen, helps the trainer to bot longer before getting Invalid Pointer
      [+] Added new hacks into the save/load settings list

    1. Try not to use GND+GND V2 together, use 1 of them will do
    2. Do Not Move/cast party skill/loot/use Non GND skill with GND FMA
    3. Start in the middle of the map when using GND/PG FMA
    4. Use auto Aggro/MMC if unable to hit monster using GND FMA even when character is standing in the middle of the map
    5. Use Disable char move if your hands are itchy to move your character when GND FMA is on
    6. To train/bot for more than 12 hours(tested by me) with GND FMA, use auto CS every 90 s + cc when people count > 0.

    Ban rates:

    DoJang GodMode - Best to use 7, anything > 7 consider having a risk of getting ban(not sure abt ban rates, max u can set is 100000)
    God mode 1 - Not sure about the ban rate,use at ur own risk!
    God mode 2 - high ban rate,use at ur own risk!
    Generic No Delay - Ban rate nearly 0 unless caught by ss/GM
    Jump Down Anywhere - excessive use of JDA might cause ban
    FMA- Ban rate nearly 0 unless caught by ss/GM
    Semi Item Vac - Do not use it again if it causes dc, it will cause a 1 month ban(login without errors).
    GND/PG FMA - Do not use ANY Final Attack(on No Final Attack), Do Not Move/cast party buff, Use ONLY GND able skills/ PG, CC/CS on timely basis(100-180sec?), should be safe, I have tested GND FMA on kaiser,dS,DA.

    The rest is safe to use.

    NEW updated Video:

    Setup Guide:


    Download Link:
    Those who like to donate, are welcome.

    Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/...b18a9780749f3772a2921a74/analysis/1372523803/

    Q:Are you a Malaysian?
    Ans:No, I am Singaporean.

    Q:Can you teach me how to code hacks?
    Ans:No, I dislike people asking other people to teach them how to code when they didn't even try before...

    Q:How did u get all this hacks?
    Ans:By Exploring and making it bypassless.

    Q:Can PM me the password?

    Q:May I add you on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/phone/Whatsapp/skype/Youtube/Ask.fm?

    Q:How old are you?
    Ans: Old enough to take N Levels.

    Q:Is there VIP for this trainer?
    Ans: No.

    If you get an error about missing a dll file:

    Last edited: Aug 4, 2013
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  2. Ghoul

    Ghoul Lambdacolyte Dedicated Donor

    Rather than copy and paste from my thread, you could just link to it.

    Since you have done the former, you must now provide virus scans for all the Microsoft binaries also.
  3. DarkBoy

    DarkBoy Well-Known Member Coder Donor

    ps, I released this in some other forums, which also have the same rule of "not advertising other forums" so I copied and paste the solution... edited the thread, linked to your thread already.
  4. yakup667

    yakup667 Well-Known Member

    how we gonna hack iff we dont know the passwordt you get the dll:(
  5. DarkBoy

    DarkBoy Well-Known Member Coder Donor

    U can get the password from the thread. Just slowly read, the purpose for me to put the password is to reduce the number of people getting ban from GND FMA using the wrong settings, the thread have those information that will prevent that.
  6. yakup667

    yakup667 Well-Known Member

    i dont rlly understand im new here can i have some links??:o to the pass??
  7. DarkBoy

    DarkBoy Well-Known Member Coder Donor

  8. Vence

    Vence Well-Known Member

    Thank you mate. Whats the password?
    Clue: Logic will answer that question!
  9. yakup667

    yakup667 Well-Known Member

    passwordt plzz;(
  10. Anent

    Anent #dungiveshit Donor

    Seriosly dude,
    and i found the pass in 20 secs .... open the spoirels and read the dam text​
  11. yakup667

    yakup667 Well-Known Member

    how we gonna use the hack than!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 17, 2013 ---
    just say passwordt??
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  12. Anent

    Anent #dungiveshit Donor

    I think you don't deserve to hack even.

  13. yakup667

    yakup667 Well-Known Member

    give me link off download DBLMao trainer
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 17, 2013 ---
    i cant download the
    DBLmaoTrainer more

    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 17, 2013 ---
    DBLmao bot
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 20, 2013 ---
    give me link off DBLmao trainer???? i cant see download?
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