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Release [MSEA V1.1.26.1] E.Guardian Trainer 0.1

Discussion in 'Hacks & Downloads' started by nokiaking, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. nokiaking

    nokiaking Well-Known Member

    E.Guardian Trainer 0.1


    Code (Text):
    1. Features:
    3. -Optional Embed Function
    5. -AutoHp/Mp , AutoSkills , AutoLoot, Alert Function
    6. -Morph GM , UA , No Breath , NoKB , Instant Combo , SuperTubi , FMA
    8. -MouseClickTeleport , SSMouseFly , KBMouseFly , CoordinatesTeleport , DirectionTeleport , RefreshMap
    10. -EXP Timer , ChatSpammer , Vami/Kami/DSKami , ScheduleRefreshMap , ScriptHacks (Invisible)
    Vytenis (EXP Sources)
    DarkSpace (Basic creating trainer tutorial)
    TeamImm (Support)
    Piez (Vami Source)
    Guardian aka nokiaking (Made)

    DownloadLink : Click Me
    VirusScan Result : Click Me

    Edit :
    I've stopped updating this trainer due to semester started and damn BUSYING on education.
    E.Guardian trainer will just end up here temporary.

    Thread close.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2013
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  2. BenTen

    BenTen Member

    Thanks Nokia =D
    Can u explain whats the invisible hack?o.o
  3. nokiaking

    nokiaking Well-Known Member

    Nope. I just set all scripts hacks & those requires bypass hacks into invisible mode.
    Because there's no bypass atm. So it's unless to release public. I just make it invisible.
  4. Conquest

    Conquest Legendary Casanova Coder Donor

    can you post a zipped/rar link as well.
  5. iTuna

    iTuna New Member

    The keys for auto skill is messed up
  6. nokiaking

    nokiaking Well-Known Member

    Improve on next version.
  7. gsb92

    gsb92 Member

    vami is still same problem~^^hope fixed~hehe~
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  8. OhmyGAY

    OhmyGAY Well-Known Member

    Thank you for this trainer! Although there's a few bug here and there but, I really appreciate that you took the time out to code a trainer! :;):
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  9. wooethanking

    wooethanking Member

    what is CMND funtion for???
  10. nokiaking

    nokiaking Well-Known Member

    As a simply words, it's : No delay attack.
    Make sure don't attack too fast. Cause DC.
  11. newleecher

    newleecher New Member

    can u make it visible?as other forum release d the bypass .
  12. MSEALeech

    MSEALeech New Member

    When Auto HP/MP is enabled, CPU process goes 100% and lags the system. Win7 Ultimate 32bit.
  13. voice123

    voice123 Member

    can u also include auto cc? i like ur trainer +1
  14. nokiaking

    nokiaking Well-Known Member

    AutoCC requires bypass
  15. ijikix

    ijikix Member

    You could try to make it "bypassless".
  16. nokiaking

    nokiaking Well-Known Member

    As in packet, not sure it's patched public packet function. But MS crashed upon sending packet.
    As in keystroke, it'll be something like macro.

    Could give a try.
  17. ijikix

    ijikix Member

    Try keystroke. :)
  18. GameXVirus

    GameXVirus Banned Banned

    Use MSAPI.
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  19. Dylxxx

    Dylxxx New Member

    still no public bypass..@@
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