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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scum 72638, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. Scum 72638

    Scum 72638 Go with the flow. Banned

    What would you say music means to you?

    For me music is a lifestyle, without it I feel lost a bit in certain situations, I feel that music says alot about you, my username may have punk in it, but it doesn't mean i'm restricted to Punk, although it has got a huge hold on me and when I listen to pop I get really annoyed at how simple some of the basslines are or how generic it can be at times, I'm not slagging pop music of as I like some pop, infact some pop from the 80's had quite talented musicians, I'm a musician myself, don't get me wrong, some simple lines are great and get the job done, but... not in every blooming song played on MTV!

    My debate here is: Do you think music changes how you feel and gives you a diffrent persona at times?

    Thanks for reading.
  2. otkk

    otkk Well-Known Member

    I Think Music Should Be YOU And That You Should Not Change... DeathMetal = Me :D
  3. iCharge

    iCharge Member

    I change music very often. One week I listen to dubstep/electro-music while the other week I'm listening to pop songs, rock, hardrock etc. I don't think people should stick to 1 genre and open their minds to understand other people's musicstyle :)
  4. Twister

    Twister Well-Known Member

    Yes, I do think music changes you, how you feel at times and most definately give you a different persona at times.

    For example, say you really like rap, you start listening to eminem, 50 cent, lil wayne, etc.
    After some years you really get into rap, and you will start get rap clothing, dress like the people you are fan off.
    I personally think this all happens in your sub-consience, don't know if this is true, but its my opinion.

    Now for another example, if you start listening to songs with cheerful lyrics, you'll automaticly start to feel better.
    Say you are really upset about something, and you listen to cheerful songs for an hour or 2, I bet you'll find yourself way happier.

    And as last, lets say you are hanging out with some friends, who are all in to hardcore..
    And on the other side of the field there are some other kids hanging out, but none of them do like hardcore, but instead they like R&B.
    Wouldnt you feel way more tougher than them?
    I bet you do.

    These are my opinions on music and what they do to you.
  5. Ation

    Ation s. mod Moderator Donor

    I like almost all genres of music. I usually listen to one genre at a time, but then I always somehow find a song of different genre which sounds good to me, and then I'll start listening to that genre for like week(s). For example when I was making my second video entry for the CCPLZ YouTube contest I suddenly got a feeling that maybe MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This would be a good soundtrack for this video. Why? Because it's old, nostalgic, and the beat is awesome and so are the lyrics. Now I'm listening lots of rap songs from the '90s. :]
  6. YGEnt

    YGEnt New Member

    Most certainly music possesses huge impacts that affect people's life styles and as you mentioned--persona.
    One of the reasons why South Korea has immense suicidal rate is due to their music.
    Being a K-pop (Korean music) fan myself, I realize that extravagant amount of music produced is about breaking up and fair well.
    Such lyrics and sad tone will restrain one's conscious with depressing thoughts.
  7. SirJafel

    SirJafel Guest

    Yeah, it does...

    It's like an extra dimension to your feelings, because music can make you feel better or worse, not only with words, but also with plain sound.
  8. Lollage

    Lollage Well-Known Member

    For people who actually want the music/tunes they listen to have effect on their moods, they should definetly search for a program called iDoser :D
  9. Roel

    Roel Well-Known Member

    i feel like music can change your mood, but so does your behaviour, the people around you, the urban enviroment
  10. kefin

    kefin Well-Known Member

    IMO some music (genres) is/are synchronised with one's way of thinking. With music you can think, philosophize or dream more violently because you get a boost of emotions. But that's just my own personal experience.
  11. UncutRaw

    UncutRaw Banned Banned

    Listen to music aslong as you can control yourself.
  12. Scum 72638

    Scum 72638 Go with the flow. Banned

    Oh, here's a little fact for everyone = You think Classical music makes you smrt? Correct but so does all other forms too! it depends on how often you listen to music and if your listening while doing a task :D
  13. kefin

    kefin Well-Known Member

    Yes, wiggers seem real smart to me. Future rocket scientists.
  14. Harmy

    Harmy mr. Moderator Dedicated Donor

    Music is my life, without music, i'd kill myself.
  15. Øv€®cLock

    Øv€®cLock tick ta'k, Banned Trade Ban Donor

    Hmm.. To me, music means everything..
    Dont know how i could survive without it.. dont think i want to survive without it..
    All from House to Hip hop to Hardcore - Screamo - Classic musik.. i almoste love it all!.
  16. VaskeMaskine

    VaskeMaskine Well-Known Member

    i love music, think of a life without music how boring it would be :D
  17. Djspecial

    Djspecial Well-Known Member

    Music is my way of letting people know who i am and what i stand for. It brings emtions and feelings. It gives hope or takes it away. Its the way to let my neighbores move out.
    Music makes my milkshake.
  18. Snowy

    Snowy In there like Swim wear Donor

    Music is my life, i play the piano and to me it just makes life better, if im ever down i just play..

    Some great musicians on youtube but some of my favourites are ThePianoGuys, if you haven't heard of them look them up they have some great stuff :)

    Heres a beautiful peice by Jon Schmidt (Piano) and Steven Sharp Nelson (Cello), One day hope to play piano like Jon, true inspiration and this music just lifts me up:

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  19. Fixated

    Fixated Who doesn't want to be the best? Donor

  20. Socialist

    Socialist Well-Known Member

    Almost everything. No, but seriously, I feel that music is a big part of my life and I'm obsessed with it.

    No. I listen to what I like and most of what I listen to is what I agree to (the lyrics). Music is entertainment, but still has a huge impact on my life and it would be hard for me if I wouldn't be able to listen to my playlist when being bored. I wouldn't say it changes my persona at times, even though some songs mean a lot and some songs can help me get through some shit! (for example, with RATM I can get my anger out)
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