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My new BMW e30 "320" project~

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Davva, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. Davva

    Davva Bmw E30 Donor

    Bmw E30 320 - my build... my story
    Pritty much dissed this thread but will uppdate some time.. got allmost 100pic's and a another thread in a car forum if some one would like to see it (in swedish thought)
    Show your suport by like'n & follow the thread (L)

    First off all let me tell you what this car is... this is the first 3:serie bmw ever realesed and thats the E30. My is from 1989 and has orginial a straigth 6, 2L engien in it thats why its called 320 - 3 serie with a 2.0L engine.

    Hello everyone, A long time ago I made a thread about my old 50cc moto project and allot of ppl seems to enyoj those kinds of projekts. So I decided to make a new thread about my new projekt. if you missed my 50cc project and want to see it, you can see it here

    ps. Im really bad @ spelling, I know thank you.

    The white one to the left is my E30, the one to the rigth, for your information is a E28 518
    this is my wheelgap with a pair of TA-technicks coilovers... its going to be better~
    Current sett-upp
    engine swap from a bmw E35 325 ( M50b25, singel vanos)
    Changed drivetrain from a E36 328 (the biggest one you can fit)
    Bmw Z-f gear box from E36
    Cold air intake (WOOOW)
    stabilizer arms bouth rear and back

    Goal ~
    The goal of this car is not to make it one of the fastest or enything like that, but Im chaning the engine cuz more horses is never wrong, and the m52 engine is more stable then a M20 (the orginal engine)
    But the real goal of this car so to make it a Stance car, and just to say it the goal is to
    actually get a shout out on stancenation. (just cuz why the fuck not)
    Air suspension - make it LOW as FUCK
    BBS RS rims (when I get the money for it)
    Bigger breaks to fit the enging better.
    Re-Paint the enging bay Avus blau (bmw couler)
    Fix every litel rust mark
    Make everything pritty much as perfect as it can be.
    Make the engine bay "clean" remove everything not "must have"

    Fix new interrior - Black ladder
    etc etc... just fix everything so the car allmost looks as new from the store, just its much lower and a litel small changes ;)

    I would like to make it "hellaflush" allmost... but not really as just as much -camber.. This is what hellaflush is -

    Uppdate 03-20-2015 - boring info...
    Well, first of all I need some where to really fix this thing, and I got a garage for free from a mate, thought I need to fix it in case that I want to use it, so Im allmost done with it. I only got 1 wall left to fix (isolate, put up some out-faceing walls, paint it (maybe) and fix the ceiling) could post a pic of this later, thought this is not really so much fun to watch...

    I think I will be done with it this week end, not sure if I got the time for it thought, but I hope so~

    Uppdate 04-07-2015 - some more boring info...
    Well today I got my garage done - just need to wait for the electrican to do the last things, then I can start this thing up for real!

    And I allso have bougth another BMW E30 - thought its "lil" broken... got it really really cheap and Im going to use it for spare parts!

    This part have taken a lil longer time then I thought it was going to cuz of work...

    The things I have planed to do this or next week is first of all, get some new back tire's
    Anyway will post a few pics in the week and update what I have to do on the car!
    if you wana see some really nice E30's check this out from Elmia.

    Uppdate 10-05-2015 - Something is happening at last...
    Air suspention, new exhaust system etc

    Well well.. I have been soo inactiv in this thread the last time... and on ccplz overhead, but lets call this the first real uppdate then... First of all I want to say the most thing I have been bussy on with my E30 is that the engein was working incorectly. So I have tried to find out why - but I still dont fucking know why it does that, I have changed allmost every sensor etc etc... Anyway so I decied to buy a new engine and its going to be a M52B28 - allready bougth one and its going to come to me the 10-06 / 10-07 - 2015. I allso bougth allot of other shit and made a few other fun things, here is some pics...

    I got an extractor manifold and installed, and made a all new exhaust system


    Needed to make the part after the manifold extremly weird cuz of fitments... so thight everywhere...





    And my new Air suspenstion... so lovely ♥


    and mis.Kitty cat wanted to join in aswell....


    Uppdate 10-14-2015 - work work work...
    So today I got everything done to remove the engine, and thats going down tomorow!

    Uppdate 10-16-2015 - engine is out wohooo0w
    Was going to stocholm the day after so didnt have time to do much more then just take it out and go home and pack for the day after...


    Uppdate 10-19-2015 - electrical, cleaning, etc... allso order a few new parts that should be here in a few days ;-)
    Today I have been looking at the old electrical systems and how Im going to make it so you can as few cabels as posible.. but to start of with I need to remove it all for painting!
    I allso clead the enginebay a litel, but fair away from done!

    Uppdate 10-23-2015 - pay day
    So its payday so this is the first thing I did when I came home... have a nice week end!

    Uppdate 10-26-2015 - cleaning, removing, marking out where to weld etc... work work work!
    Removing some parts, marking out some rust where I need to choop and re-weld it.

    Uppdate 10-27-2015 - Some new parts home... "some eye candy"
    So cus Im chaning from 4-nuts (for the wheels) to 5-nuts I need some new wheels, and I coulnd't say that I cheaped out this time... no ebay this here ain't!
    These are real O.Z Futura 17" and the front wheels are 8" deep and the back is 9.5" deep! This is some real eye candy!

    Im going to re-paint the red part to the bmw colour "Avus Blau" later on... This and my air suspention is going to be sick ;-)

    (to the left is my old Borbet A rims, and to the rigth my new sexy 3 split O.Z rims (L) )


    Uppdate 12-06-2015 - Problems...
    So the last weeks I have not done so much cuz of persnol problems... etc etc... and I never get my stuf I order in time.. everything is just pissing me off atm... Will be back in there doing my thing next week!

    Allso I got my new welding machin now! A AC/DC Tig ;) so this well just gets better now!

    Uppdate 12-31-2015 - Happy new year!
    So I have not posted enything in a long time, its for a few things. 1 I never got my items i bougth it time (they said max 1 week, took 4,5week...) so now I atleast got the things i need to get the front part on the suspension done!! Will post a more pics of it next week.
    And I worked allot the last weeks, sorry for inactiv here but it will hopely be better now!
    And ofc, Happy new year hope everyone gets a awesome nigth!

    Uppdate 1-13-2016 - Front suspenstion done
    So this week I got done with the front suspention, and i have been a lil off the last month for allot of things.. but now Im back on track!

    Last edited: Mar 7, 2016
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  2. Fixated

    Fixated Who doesn't want to be the best? Donor

    Wow, I would really LOVE to see this, as a fellow (fairly new) BMW (and cars in general) lover I am just so excited to watch all the projects :D

    And as far as the turbo goes, what type would you prefer? A light one that gives you alot of fun with drifting and burnouts, or a bigger one for topspeed?

    I could be wrong, but are you building on a m20 engine? In that case, how far do you think that you can get, HP wise?
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  3. Davva

    Davva Bmw E30 Donor

    Im glad to hear that, what sort of BMW you got? :rolleyes:
  4. Fixated

    Fixated Who doesn't want to be the best? Donor

    A supercharged 328 E36 :) Sleeper mode. Although I didn't build it, I have some things to do with it, and repairs in the future will be done by me!
    Earlier I owned a Audi 1.8Ts (180hp one) - 2000, Didn't really do alot to it, just a daily car :P
  5. Davva

    Davva Bmw E30 Donor

    I really love the E36 looks... they look so old and clasy but at the same time the look like a new car for its own time... haha I was working on a E36 last week end ^^
    But I would love to see a pic of it! :)
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 18, 2015 ---
    well bump, would like some more feedback if Im going to do this or not ^^
  6. Cheese

    Cheese Well-Known Member

    Holy shit dude, this looks awesome!
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  7. Davva

    Davva Bmw E30 Donor

    Alrigth, so it seems like allot of ppl want to see more of this... last get it started.

    Will be updateing the thread soon.
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  8. Hugh

    Hugh www.emsmesos.com Moderator Helper Donor

    It looks like a GTA 5 online Garage lol
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  9. Davva

    Davva Bmw E30 Donor

    Maybe it is :rolleyes:

    Not really thought, its in a kinda big company in my city that we could borrow the local a while to take pictures
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 20, 2015 ---
    small update.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2015
  10. Cheese

    Cheese Well-Known Member

    More info on the E28 maybe? :F11:
  11. Davva

    Davva Bmw E30 Donor

    haha well, its a full stock 518 e28, with a 17" (as we call them in sweden ) Y-roundabout rims

    not really much u can say about from its well in the engine and its rigth now its "down to ground" (really fucking low, i cut the suspension on it)
  12. Cheese

    Cheese Well-Known Member

    Damn, really nice. You should get BBS honeycomb rims for both of these BMW-s. Did you just cut it with a buzz saw?
  13. Spherilux

    Spherilux Oboy Dedicated Donor

    S54 with ess kit swap plox :-D
  14. Davva

    Davva Bmw E30 Donor

    yeah would be really nice with thougs rims, but they are kinda rare and expencive as fuck ^^
    and yeah pritty much

    haha I think I would love to do that just as much as you want to see it.. thought I cant do that atm :-/
    --- Double Post Merged, Apr 7, 2015 ---
    small update - no pics this time either, cooming a few one's this week I hope! have a nice day
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 5, 2015 ---
    Uppdate 10-05-2015 - Something is happening at last...
    Air suspention, new exhaust system etc
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 7, 2015 ---
  15. Cheese

    Cheese Well-Known Member

    Hydraulics please :wtf:

    Btw, I have my eye on a E32. If I get it , I might make a thread here too :clefairy:
  16. Davva

    Davva Bmw E30 Donor

    Om not going to jump around anyway so air ride is better for me ;)

    Go ahead would love to see it!
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 14, 2015 ---
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 19, 2015 ---
    Uppdate! :boo:
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 23, 2015 ---
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 26, 2015 ---
    --- Double Post Merged, Oct 27, 2015 ---
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 6, 2015 ---
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 31, 2015 ---
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 13, 2016 ---
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 7, 2016 ---
    Pritty much dissed this thread but will uppdate some time.. got allmost 100pic's and a another thread in a car forum if some one would like to see it (in swedish thought)
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  17. Zion

    Zion Sellout Coder Donor Retired

    @Davva how much effort is it to paint the brake calipers yourself?
  18. Davva

    Davva Bmw E30 Donor

    haha like none? I can't really understand if this is a serouis qeustion or not haha (no offence if it is ^^ )
  19. Zion

    Zion Sellout Coder Donor Retired

    Idk I never touch cars, but aight. How much can I fuck it up? Should I just pay someone to do it for me or should I yolo it?
    Keep in mind I'm silver rank with this shit
  20. Davva

    Davva Bmw E30 Donor

    You could make it the easy way but not even removing the caliper, and just remove the wheel and do it from there, just use a nice brush and be gentel, not much can go wrong besied if you get paint on the breaking bads or disk's, or just remove them, its normally only 2 bolts.
    In that case gets some clams or something to stop the break fluids on the break lines, remov the break line (just a nut basicly) then its normaly 2 bults on the back of the hub and you can slid the thing of the disk, if you do it this way thought you prbly need to check if you got air in the system after when you put everything back together so the first way is much easier and would recomend that. Either way its not that hard, and you can do this ur self!

    edit: (no idea how much you can but I upploaded a pic of my new breaklines just 1h ago so this is how the "hold" up, its just a nut with a line in the midel, realy easy to remove)

    (the long ones is in the front, in my case atleast)

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